Former climate denier to testify before Congress

November 14, 2011

Richard Muller, the physicist who formerly rejected climate science but changed his mind after leading a two-year study that confirmed its reality, will be among three scientists to present their work at a Congressional briefing today, according to ThinkProgress.

The briefing is aimed at helping to end climate denialism, and was organized by Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA), ranking member of the House Natural Resources Committee. Muller will be joined by Ben Santer, research scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and William Chameides, Dean of Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment and Vice Chair of the National Academies’ Committee on America’s Climate Choices.

Muller's research is particularly interesting because he initially set out to confirm the claims of climate denialists, and one-quarter of the research funds ($600,000) came from the Charles Koch Foundation, whose founder is a major funder of climate denialism groups. Yet after two years, Muller found that climate scientists were correct all long -- and he issued a mea culpa in the Wall Street Journal.