Obama’s Secularism

May 4, 2011

President Obama gave his "Call to Renewal" speech on June 26, 2006 -- almost five years ago. Eloquent and bold, this speech remains one of the most interesting reflections on religion and politics ever stated by a politician. 
My favorite part?  President Obama tells us why religion ultimately cannot dictate politics: 

"Politics depends on our ability to persuade each other of common aims based on a common reality. It involves the compromise, the art of what's possible. At some fundamental level, religion does not allow for compromise. It's the art of the impossible. If God has spoken, then followers are expected to live up to God's edicts, regardless of the consequences. To base one's life on such uncompromising commitments may be sublime, but to base our policy making on such commitments would be a dangerous thing."

Below is a video of one portion of the speech, perhaps the best part.  The whole speech can viewed here:  https://www.beliefnet.com/News/2006/07/Sen-Barack-Obama-Revisiting-His-Historic-Speech-On-Faith-And-Politics.aspx