Only child porn lovers want to fight internet censorship?

June 22, 2009

Listening to friends of censorship nowadays, you’d suppose that only lovers of child pornography would say NO to internet censorship. However, that can’t be true. Defenders of internet freedom are everywhere, but they might be beginning to feel like they are in the minority. Why would they defend access to child porn?

Despite massive citizen protests,   Germany has begun its   program of internet censorship , citing an urgent need to deal with child pornography, joining   Scandinavian countries.     France     is not far behind Germany . The   Internet Watch Foundation maintains the   United Kingdom blacklist , mostly about child porn.

The release of     Denmark     ‘s secret list of blocked websites , which included many websites having nothing to do with minors, remains a huge embarrassment.

    Australia     ‘s attempt at internet censorship over child porn   has slowed down , although the Denmark blacklist is now on the list of banned websites too—the content on   the Denmark blacklist is illegal to publish or link to in Australia

    Finland     ‘s secret blacklist started with child porn but included others, such as a website protesting censorship. 

  Iran started its massive program of   internet censorship over child pornography , according to the Wall Street Journal.     Thailand     ‘s history of internet censorship is similar to Iran’s—child porn first, and political and religious speech next.

In the United States, the erosion of free speech and information may begin with child pornography too. Censorship of websites advocating violence against abortion doctors, or websites advocating hate speech and hate crimes, might lead the censorship agenda as well. But this issue is coming to America, and coming fast.