Religion Battles Medicine in Kenya

September 26, 2009

There are some stories that repeat themselves over and over again — just change the names, dates, and locations. How often do we need to hear that another priest has been accused of sexual abuse, or that another child died because his or her parents chose prayer over medicine? Boring and monotonous as it may be, it seems that the story bears repeating until we collectively put a stop to such inanity.

Religion Battles Medicine in Kenya

Achieng is a five-year-old girl who has for the past two weeks been lying in bed suffering from malaria. Her parents and other relatives don’t believe in modern medicine, saying that it opens doors for evil.

Achieng’s condition gets worse and she slips into unconsciousness. Instead of her parents rushing her to hospital, they kneel beside her and pray. By the time they figure out that God also works through people (read doctors), it is a tad too late. Achieng dies.

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