Skeptic Benjamin Radford’s Psychic Predictions for 2008

December 30, 2008

At the end of last year, after reviewing yet another year’s worth of failed psychic predictions for 2007, I thought I’d try my hand at it. Here is a list of my predictions, which were postmarked and left unopenend in the offices of a local newspaper. I’ll revisit my accuracy in a week or two…

Benjamin Radford’s Predictions for 2008   Written December 20, 2007

Politics  / World

  •   Scandals will continue to plague the Bush White House.
  •   One of the 2008 presidential contenders will be forced to drop out of the race for health reasons.
  •   U.S. Troops will be reduced, but not fully withdraw, from Iraq. Tensions with Iran will remain high.
  •   The period August through November may be marked by major conflicts in world power struggle.
  •   2008 will see more female leaders of foreign countries than in recent years.
  •   A country in the Caribbean will have a major political change.
  •   Tensions between the major religions will get worse, not better, in 2008.
  •   Large oil reserves will be recovered in North America, but won’t help to reduce American thirst for oil.
  •   The U.S. housing market will continue to drag the economy down, resulting in a recession (though, for political reasons, an official recession may not be declared).  

United States

  •   There will be a school shooting in April or early May; several may die.
  •   In February or March, a missing woman who was assumed abducted will resurface, unharmed. The kidnapping will turn out to have been faked.
  •   US weather will be more severe than usual in the northeast and southwest.
  •   In early summer or late fall, two airplanes will collide at a major airport; few if any people will be killed, but the incident will lead to calls for government oversight.
  •   The end of 2008 will see a renewed hope for the future after a difficult year.
  •   Look for medical breakthrough in the areas of Alzheimers, anorexia, and cancer.
  •   Autism causes will continue to rise, and there will be a breakthrough in diagnosis or treatment.


  •   A famous athlete or performer will be embarrassed by private information or photos made public, but will survive the scandal and bounce back.
  •   A contestant on a reality TV show or game show will have a health scare while on camera. The person will survive, and the show’s ratings will surge.
  •   A beloved entertainer will die in November or December, not from an accident, but a health problem located in the chest area.
  •   A self-help book by a previously little-known author will reach the best seller lists.
  •   A well-known comedian or comic actor will commit suicide, shocking fans across the country.

Well, that’s it. Believe it or not, my success rate was about 90%. I’ll have the follow-up in a week or so, and the complete version published in the next issue of the Skeptical Briefs newsletter. Try your own hand at it, see if you can’t do better than the "psychics"!