The Morning Heresy 10/5/12: Have Your Newborn Stuck with Needles

October 5, 2012

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We're doing another short Heresy today, folks, as I'm stationed here at the Religion Newswriters Conference in Bethesda, and I really should be, you know, representin'. Squeezed into my little corner of the exhibitor room are some of my heathen allies, Teresa MacBain from American Atheists, Jesse Galef from SSA, and Brian Magee from American Humanist Association. We're talking shop and shooting the breeze about the gadgets we brought. Now you know. On to the news!

I've been wondering if we might see some analysis along these lines -- how might the rise in secularism help Unitarian Universalists?

Tony Sobrado at HuffPo looks askance at the reasoning behind Atheism+, as it "has been met with appreciation but also bemusement and perplexity."  

Ledes you can't make up: "A group of atheist students were thrown out of their fresher's fair in London because they displayed a pineapple labelled 'Mohammed' on their stall." 

Punjabi atheists organize in Canada. 

Mother Nature Network: "Would you have your newborn stuck with needles if he was crying hysterically?" Errrr....

BBC: Two Egyptian Coptic Christian boys arrested for blasphemy ordered released, but there is fear for their safety. 

USA Today: Consternation grows in Europe around blasphemy laws. 

Religion collides with a patient's desire to die in a heartbreaking case. (h/t Andrew)

Michael Nugent: The Catholic Church must stop its official dehumanization of atheists. 

NCSE shows some mostly-positive polling on acceptance of climate change around the world. 

CNN poll: Percentage of Americans who say that government should promote traditional values has fallen to an all-time low.

Alan Boyle interviews Lawrence Krauss on "quantum quackery." 

That UFO is a Cretin! I mean a Cretian!'s over Crete!

Quote of the Day        

The Journal Tribune from my neck of the woods, Biddeford, Maine, ediorializes strongly against blasphemy laws:

It is unfair and unethical to create laws based on a religious belief system that steps on the rights of a person who does not hold that same religious belief. If only the government would allow people to practice whatever religion they choose and not make religious-based laws the law of the land, they would not have these problems or have such unrest between sects.

Hearing the call for an international blasphemy law makes the importance of spreading democracy all the more clear. It takes a long time and a concerted effort on many fronts to bring hearts and minds toward acceptance of freedom, not only for others, but for themselves. And it’s a fight we hope America continues to lead. 

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