The Morning Heresy 11/14/12: What a Smooth Shave!

November 14, 2012

Your daily digest of news and links relevant to the secular and skeptic communities. 

CFI's John Shook shakes his head (no pun intended) at the evasion of the "atheist" label by some, including perhaps some that might be about to become Members of the U.S. House, and terms them "evatheists" -- a label which can't be refused, for in doing so it confirms the label! Ha ha! 

Kimberly Winston reports on the atheist-friendly OKCupid dating service, which may just be, according to them, representative of America's "secular future." 

Today, the Climate Reality Project begins its "24 Hours of Reality" campaign with live streaming content and presentations online about the climate crisis. 

Remember the hubbub about that book featured on the cover of Newsweek, Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the AfterlifeSam Harris read the whole thing. Release the hounds!

Kellie Kotraba reports from Skepticon on the rise of teen atheist activism, with inspiration from Jessica Ahlquist. 

NPR asks the perennial "why won't people vote for an atheist" question, and is mostly understanding of those politicians who shy away from avowing their nonbelief. 

Very cool profile of atheist rapper Greydon Square at LA Weekly

Former counterintelligence officer and Department of Defense special agent is now looking to save ufology from "hoaxers." 

Mark Silk at RNS shows us that the Nones, with their highest numbers among the young, is the mirror image of Evangelicals, which skew almost to the exact same degree toward the old.

Steven Novella blogs on the exploitation by purveyors of quack medicine for treating tinnitus (which I have, and drives me batty). 

Center for American Progress aims to repair the damage done to the term "religious liberty," to rescue it from being a synonym of "discrimination." 

New outlet for long-form science journalism launches, known as Matter. Looks to be a 99-cents-per-article kind of thing. 

Usefulness alert: The American Conservative's Alan Jacobs has some useful rules of comportment for the interwebs. 

New law in United Arab Emirates forbids online criticism or mockery of the government or Islam. 

Team at Duke University have made a near-perfect invisibility cloak. No, really. 

Vlad Chituc takes to HuffPo to make a practical case for atheists' acceptance of religious pluralism:

Secularism can't be limited to atheists. It's not something we like to admit, but progress on any important social issue requires the help of religious believers; we just don't have the numbers.  

Michael Nugent tells the heartbreaking tale of a woman who died in the course of a miscarriage because Catholic dogma would not allow her to end the pregnancy. 

Chris Rodda sees hypocrisy in David Petraeus's personal behavior and his championing of Christian texts in the military, and with the existence of the military's test for "spiritual fitness." 

University of Waterloo student Chris Burke argues at the CFI On Campus blog in favor of engaging in the often-futile debates with creationists in order to combat not only their theological ideas, but all of the values that spring from them.  

Gawker is right, this is about as good as it gets. A 28-year-old Today Show clip of a woman with her demon-possessed toaster. "It seems to be aware." 

Quote of the Day        

George Hrab tweets his discontent about Congress:

I have more blades on my disposable razor than there are open atheist senators. Or congressmen. But what a smooth shave!  

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