The Morning Heresy 11/9/12: Darwin for Congress

November 9, 2012

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It's the most wonderful time of the year, when we celebrate the life of he who was a candle in the dark, Carl Sagan. CFI-Indiana wil mark the occasion with a whole lot of apple pie. Dozens of other groups are celebrating, too. Find an event near you on the Sagan Day Event Calendar.

More election stuff!

In Athens, GA, Charles Darwin pulls in 4000 write-in votes against Rep. Paul "Lies from the Pit of Hell" Broun.  

Becky Garrison at WaPo wonders if even more progress can be made in unshackling government from Christian entanglements:

What prevents us all from demanding an end to the annual National Prayer Breakfast and other state sanctioned religious events that continue to advance a Christ centered brand of American exceptionalism? 

SCA's Lauren Anderson Youngblood tells RNS's Kimberly Winston that the election results indicate "untapped potential" of the nonreligious, and that "politicians who want our vote need to focus on making decisions as lawmakers with reason and science, not theology." 

Mother Jones points out that four of the five House members the League of Conservation Voters termed "The Flat Earth Five" for their denial of science and the reality of climate change were voted out on Tuesday.  

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is pretty happy to see anti-Muslim congressmen Allen West and Joe Walsh lose their jobs.

Mark Silk parses out the president's vote percentages among various religious groups, notes that his victory came primarily from non-Christians. 

Chris Lombardi eulogizes the congressional career of the U.S. House's first avowed atheist, the just-defeated Pete Stark:

. . . one is struck by his humbleness, his humor, and his gratitude at having the privilege of serving in elected office. Nonbelievers heal our sick, educate our children, serve in our military, raise families in every state and, yes, represent some of us in government. Nonbelievers are a part of American society and have been since its inception. The results of this election show that Rep. Pete Stark was not just one of us, in an important way he was the first of us. 

But lets get to the meat of what this election really means: How will the president's reelection affect the govermnent's UFO policy? 

The Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY has seen attendance drop for the fourth straight year. Still attended by 254,074 people too many. 

Salman Hameed in The Guardian: "This blasphemy law is devouring Pakistani society from within. It is an all-purpose tool in the service of intolerance." 

Awkward! The Legion of Doom is about to have a very uncomfortable fall meeting as Bishop Robert Finn of Missouri, convicted of covering up for a child abuser, is set to attend. Not that the Catholic hierarchy has done anything about it. He still has his job, after all. 

Register now to join Jennifer Hancock and John Shook for the CFI Institute course "Humanism, Atheism and Social Justice." 

Emily Willingham at Forbes offers a cheat sheet for telling science from "sciencey-ness" in consumer product ads. 

Donald Prothero recounts his adventures in trying to deliver a little science to reality-show creationists. (Spoiler: The science doesn't take.) 

CSI's Ben Radford on the strange phenomenon of faking a serious illness

Manolo Matos at Friendly Atheist advises the nonbelief community to make an effort to understand more about Hispanic cultures in order to better attract them to the movement. That, and "good food and good music." 

Joe Nickell posts his elegy of Paul Kurtz. 

Sarah Kaiser spotlights CFI On Campus group, the Windsor/Essex County Atheist Society

UFO over Denver resembles a pill from Dr. Mario

We may be at the point where our technology can more or less definitively rule out alien visitations. 

Prosecutors in Seattle say a woman who claimed to be psychic to get access to people's money was the mastermind behind the torture and murder of a 70-year-old man, all to get to his rare coin collection.

Oh great. The Pope's gonna start tweeting. (Your holiness! Over here! Follow me on twitter! I'll totally #FF you!) 

Quote of the Day          

Elizabeth Murad, 73, a former nun and now atheist, of Humanists if the Treasure Coast gets a local profile:

I was 10 and sitting on my bed, and my mom was doing my hair, and out of nowhere, she said to me, 'You know, I really admire those atheist people. They can be kind people just for the sake of being good. Their kindness has nothing to do with going to heaven or being religious.' That, what she said, stuck with me all my life.  

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