The Morning Heresy 4/24/12: The Fruity Pair

April 24, 2012

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Oh no. Mr. Texas Creationism Textbooks himself, Don McLeroy, was on Colbert. It's kind of sublime how Colbert deals with McLeroy as a compatriot, totally straight-faced. I almost wonder if it was the one thing that might have made McLeroy think, "Wow. What I'm saying really is kind of nutty."

Michael De Dora reminds me that, heck, you and I do matter to our filthy, corrupt, amoral political representatives

Phil Plait: American Airlines bows to pressure of sanity, will not air anti-vax material in flight 

The Humanist magazine's long piece on "The New Skepticism":

In an earlier age, skepticism was not so much a movement as a pastime for older, male, upper-crust academics. It was spirited discussion over cigars and brandy. Today, the new skepticism is a grassroots revolution. Its adherents are media-savvy, and they use memes, humor, Photoshop, YouTube, and social networking to wage a bold offensive against the prevailing belief culture.  

Maryland state senator Jamie Raskin on Romney and Robert Bork:

Surely Governor Romney meant to persuade Religious Right and tea-party activists that he's ready to do battle -- not just to entrench the corporate Court that rules today, but to nominate people to the bench who will turn back the clock on civil rights and liberties. 

Katherine Stewart in the Guardian on the problem of school vouchers for parochial schools:

You don't have to be a constitutional scholar to get that using public money to fund religious schools violates the letter and spirit of the first amendment. Even the radical conservatives in today's Federalist Society would agree that the US constitution would not allow the government to cut a check to, say, the local mosque in exchange for supplying education to local schoolchildren.  

CFI-Michigan is putting on a big debate at Grand Valley State University on Thursday: Jacoby vs. D'Souza

AlterNet on how the Supreme Court has pandered to Christianity over the years 

Cranston School Committee agrees to pay half of the legal bills in the Ahlquist case 

University of Missouri study: There's no "God spot" on the brain, but folks can become more religious when their right hemisphere's functionality is "minimized" 

Catholic magazine Commonweal editorializes against the Legion of Doom:

No government can accommodate every conceivable religious practice or belief, nor does the Catholic Church have a strong record of supporting accommodation of other religious communities. In their simplistic rhetoric, the bishops sound more like politicians than pastors.  

And the nuns who are on the receiving end of a bishop-led crackdown are not having it 

Conservative Israeli movement allows gay and lesbian rabbis 

HuffPo video (by an apparently 12-year-old reporter) on Kickstarter project to track living dinosaurs in the Congo

Florida man who believed God was talking to him destroys psychic's store (And no, I presume they did not see that coming)

Muslim Brootherhood candidate for Egypt's presidency: "Islam is the solution." 

Whoa! Mike and Ike have split up? Tony Perkins isn't handling it well, lamenting the promotion of homosexuality among candies and calling them "the fruity pair." 

Double-whoa! A chick was born live without an egg! (Mommy chicken didn't make it, sadly.)

Quote of the Day   

Stephen Colbert to Don McLeroy:

I think it would be even simpler if we took the textbook out and gave the kids the Bible and said, "Any questions?"

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