The Morning Heresy 4/25/12: We’ve Got Bjork and Zuck!

April 25, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

CFI needs you to help us advocate for jailed atheist Alexander Aan 

The Secular Alliance at Indiana University, a CFI on Campus affiliate, is holding a Pastafarian feast to benefit Doctors without Borders 

Greta Christina wants students to take advantage of the Women in Secularism conference's $25 student rate (going fast!) 

Brand-spanking-new Point of Inquiry episode features Naomi Oreskes on global warming denial 

NYT: Egyptian court convicts famous comic movie actor of insulting Islam (all the more ironic since he resembles an Egyptian Mel Brooks, himself known for calling out hypocrites of all kinds) 

Hemant posts a new video from dogmaticCure, featuring Sam Harris on the morality of God, that will surely hit you in the gut 

Also at Friendly Atheist: The guy who dressed up as Jesus at school for "Fictional Character Day" 

Gallup does a poll on religiosity's effect on voter preferences, Posner sees some problems with it 

Houston Chronicle wants nonbelievers to feel close to famous people, and gives a sampling of atheist celebrities (News to me? We've got Bjork and Zuck!) 

Long court fight over the "Mojave Cross" on public land ends with a sputter 

But! There's a new fight over a cross in Rhode Island, so, you know, you can still get your cruci-fix. (See what I did there???) 

Voters of Mississippi, despair. (And everyone else, too.) Your governor says that the left's "one mission in life is to abort children, is to kill children in the womb." 

Santa Cruz Weekly reporter goes Bigfoot hunting with Mike Rugg 

Atheist Revolution thinks about the efficacy of "big tent atheism"

Sally Quinn on the Legion of Doom's war on nuns (and all other women):

That those in charge of the Catholic Church are all celibate men already eliminates the possibility of justice. Women are not allowed to be priests. But they sure can be humiliated by priests, bishops and the pope –  as they just have been for speaking about truth and justice. What this says is that the Catholic hierarchy is on a suicidal mission and beginning to disintegrate. It bespeaks extreme insecurity among the men who run the church.  How can one follow leaders who would condemn nuns for their charity while allowing the heinous crime of child sexual abuse to go, in many cases, unpunished? 

The Grist: Don't be so sure about a "study" linking corn syrup to autism 

WaPo: Schooling for girls goes underground in Afghanistan 

Big Think video of Pastor Tim Keller calling the New Atheists "naive" 

Humanist Network News is still talking about porn. This piece is pro-porn 

Reports of UFO activity in New Jersey (Dialogue in one of the linked videos: "You should get the camera!" "Duh, what do you think's in her hand?")

Kuwait moves to regulate social networks to prevent further blasphemy outbreaks 

The blog Appearances and Actualities gives a shout out to CFI as one of the groups who are "fighters on the front lines" -- Thanks! 

Quote of the Day   

In Jakarta Globe piece on atheists in the Philippines, former Catholic Marie Kristine Gumapac:

Now if I want something, I don’t go asking God to please give me this and I promise to be like this. When I want something, I work to get it or ask help if I need it.

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