The Morning Heresy 4/27/12: Never Mention Rubber

April 27, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

Must-Listen: NPR Intern blog interviews atheist Rep. Pete Stark, Dave Silverman and Herb Silverman -- some cool takeaways:

  • Herb reminds us that at least 27 other US Members of Congress are secretly atheist
  • Herb: "We promised we would not out them. My goal is for people to out themselves." 
  • Stark: "Reason is the antithesis of religion." 

Chris Mooney responds at length to Ron Lindsay's critiques of The Republican Brain 

Paul Ryan, the GOP's budget hunk, can't win:

Some folks say his budget proposal isn't Catholic enough.  

But just so you know, he doesn't like Ayn Rand because she was an atheist...

Except that he also thinks Ayn Rand is great!

The reason I got involved in public service, by and large, if I had to credit one thinker, one person, it would be Ayn Rand. 

Sarah Posner on the whole thing:

In rejecting Rand, Ryan must have woken up to the reality that piggybacking on an atheist wouldn't help his Catholic "social justice" defenses of his budget. 

Greg Laden plugs CFI-DC's Melody Hensley's call for donations to help local member who lost three family members to carbon monoxide poisoning 

Hemant says "Good on them" on CFI's fight against homeopathy 

Also at FA: A kind of depressing slideshow on religion's impact on children 

Jerry Coyne is disappointed in Dr. Tyson 

A guy from ultra-right Focus on the Family and a guy from Southern Baptist Theological seminary tell compatriots to stop being so nasty:

Cruel, dismissive descriptions of those who do not share our faith – whether they be of a different religion or none at all – serving to drive people further from the heart of Christ, the exact opposite of our calling as his modern-day disciples.

UFO seen flying past the Sun, which I'm pretty sure is a Klingon Bird of Prey 

Hold on to your hats, folks. Looks like research indicates that critical thinking hurts one's willingness to buy into religion:

. . . it might simply be that analytical thinking triggers a conscious "override" in which people talk themselves out of their beliefs. 

Michelin Man owns the worldAsheville Citizen-Times' John Boyle on public schools bringing in explicitly religious speakers and being shocked when they violate the wall of separation:

It’d be like inviting the Michelin Man in for a motivational talk and expecting him to never mention rubber.  

AP: Rhode Island town (with best name ever: "Woonsocket") likely to back down on FFRF cross legal fight because of lack of funds 

Tennessean reports on Jeff Shott, the kid who dressed as Jesus for Fictional Character Day 

Malcontent's Gambit podcast interviews philosopher Peter Boghossian, "the Richard Dawkins of Portland" (I was actually told about this a couple weeks ago, and forgot to post it. Sorry, Alan.) 

Salem, Mass. to allow psychics to be licensed after temporary ban - the gist? At least 75% of what you do has to actually be related to being psychic

Insurance company being sued by fired employee: Your psychic chats are relevant to our interests (via Ars Technica)

P.S. - I was going to post a link to a Fox & Friends "report" on how the Air Force "caved" to atheists over the requirement for Bibles in hotel rooms, but I just became so nauseous 10 seconds after Steve Doocey started flapping his jaw, that I couldn't bear it any longer. So no link for you.

Quote of the Day   

Skepchick's Heina on Alexander Aan:

Alexander Aan is one person, but his case highlights exactly what is wrong with the Muslim world's treatment of its own citizens. Supporting him will mean more than helping a man who has committed no real crime — it will show a lack of tolerance for religiously-based, unjust laws. 

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