The Morning Heresy 5/1/12: Too Long, Didn’t Read

May 1, 2012

Your daily digest of relevant news and links from Paul Fidalgo

Oakland Press reports on CFI suit against Wyndgate for religious discrimination breach of contract, includes sentiment from CFI's Jeff Seaver and Steven Fox 

Our original press release here

Kylie says the latest Point of Inquiry with M.G. Lord is even worth almost getting into a car accident to listen to (Note: please don't get into a car accident) 

Full video of Jacoby vs. D'Souza from CFI-Michigan 

Surly Amy touts her Women in Secularism line of wares, encourages you to show up:

We are gonna rise up and speak out because it is time for us to be fairly represented in this movement and in the world at large. We can make a difference. We are important. We have rationality and critical thinking on our side and it’s time to rally against the war on women and the oppression of religious dogma. 

Ben Radford laments the default setting for too many folks as they approach a piece of writing: tl;dr 

Joe Nickell is the subject of an article for University of Kentucky alumni publication:

[Joe's] curiosity continues to take him all over the world, and his writing brings that world alive for the rest of us. 

Adele Banks of RNS reports on new guidelines for Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships  

The report breaks little new ground, but reaffirms that:

— A faith-based organization can provide federally funded social services without removing religious art, scriptures and symbols from their facilities.

— Explicitly religious activities can’t be supported by federal funds but are permitted if they are funded privately and occur at a separate time and location from programs that receive government money.

— Beneficiaries who object to the religious character of a provider must be preferred promptly to an alternative. 

Crazy versus Crazy: Iran is angry at Pastor Terry Jones 

Local paper for the best-named town in the US, Woonsocket, RI, reports that town may yet fight FFRF on cross removal (still unclear if they will discover the HTML code for paragraph breaks) 

Pro-homeopathy blog Elephants and Mice disses the skeptic movement for its battles against homeopathic fraud, reaches bonkers conclusion:

In other words, if skeptics have their way, it will eventually be illegal to be healthy and free of pharmaceutical medications. 

RNS's Kimberly Winston on pastors leaving the faith, NPR's Barbara Bradley Hagerty on same, Hemant also has a video on the theme 

New Scientist op-ed: Bloggers are doing the heavy lifting in fighting pseudoscience 

"Holistic physician" in HuffPo (I know, I know) longs for the day when "the medical profession as a whole will eschew the type of fear-based, fundamentalist intolerance epitomized by medical witch hunters..." 

NYT: Climate change deniers say "the clouds will save us" 

Humanists might get the official okay to officiate marriages in Ireland 

James Kirk Wall on how to be a good person:

There should be two primary goals in the life of an atheist. One is to take care of the family. Two is to live a life guided by truth to the best of our ability. There should be pride in being a rationalist and representing reason over superstition at home and in education, business and government. 

SCA's Lauren Anderson Youngblood tells the Christian Post about the National Day of Reason:

We're not specifically against prayer, yet we wanted to offer an alternative so that many Americans would not feel like second class citizens on a day when the nation is told to pray. 

Rep. Pete Stark's floor statement on the NDoR:

Every year, events are held on this day that demonstrate the desire of secular Americans to help their fellow citizens and our nation as a whole. Community service events, such as food drives and blood drives, are just some of the ways that people will be working to help those in need on the Day of Reason and throughout the year.

IHT's Mort Rosenblum on ignorance:

Fast access to so many false facts and uninformed comment give everyone a sense of expertise. Online or on air, people can find a basis to convert any prejudice into hidebound conviction.  

Quote of the Day   

Marty Klein, author of America's War on Sextells Salon:

The war on sex is how the religious right and cynical politicians are using the issue of sexual regulation for undermining secular democracy. The reason the issue of sexual regulation keeps coming back up is that the religious right is erasing the line between church and state. You don’t have to care one bit about sex to care about the war on sex. You just need to care about secular democracy, free speech and the separation of church and state. If you care about any of those things, then you need to care about the war on sex, because that’s where it’s being fought. 

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