The Morning Heresy 6/14/12: Therefore it’s Not Happening

June 13, 2012

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Quick note: I'm dragging my kid to see family this weekend, so there will probably not be a Morning Heresy tomorrow (Friday). But don't worry, nothing interesting will happen.  

Media outlets are abuzz over recent Pew data that shows millennials' belief in God dropping pretty quickly: 

  • TPM credits New Atheists as "spearheads"
  • Mother Jones declares "Millennials are going to be a generation of skeptics" but calls the drop-off a "crisis of faith"
  • CNN looks at growth in atheist groups for young people 
  • Outside the Beltway posits:"My strong guess is that the declining belief in God among the younger generations is a sheer function of the older generations being more comfortable with cognitive dissonance"

Technology Review looks at the pseudoscience of "grounding," getting some kind of energy from the Earth 

Civil rights group in Indonesia comes to the defense of jailed atheist Alexander Aan

LaRae Meadows, at the CSI website, looks for science-ish evidence for Bigfoot in Willow Creek 

Here's a Bigfoot you wanna chew on and it's all the evidence I need.

Rob Boston heralds the defeat of North Dakota's Measure 3:

. . . even conservatives, it seems, weren’t willing to rubber stamp this monstrosity. They realized that giving people a near-ironclad right to trump secular law because of their religious beliefs would open a Pandora’s box. They nailed that box firmly shut. 

CNN looks at The Clergy Project and pastors who have lost their faith:

When [former minister Jerry] DeWitt runs into people he used to preach to, he still averts his eyes. Going to the post office and to Walmart, he said, can be stressful because of the possibility of running into a former congregant. “It is because places in which you were once admired now you are suddenly scorned or pitied,” DeWitt said, who admits not having many friends anymore. “It makes for an extremely uncomfortable life.” 

The besieged Times-Picayune also tells DeWitt's story:

But later a smaller congregation, First Community Church, called him. Hoping for a “personal revival” of faith, he accepted. But he said after a year or so, it was no good. “The constant failure of prayer, of miracles, of prophecy created a heartbreak I was not longer able to ignore,” he said. 

Manager at a swanky club in Halifax talks up the ghosts that reside there:

The girl [ghost] is more predominant. She is known to call out the names of employees and you can often smell her perfume and hear her going up and down the stairs. She is said to have been pretty and died unnaturally in the club. 

Doubtful News: Website called emerges, libels Randi and skeptic orgs like CFI, and then disappears before I could see it for myself 

Christian writes a letter to the editor to defend atheists against charges of amorality:

I would like the unbelievers in our community to know that there are Christians who disagree strongly with this. We know that there are many people who can "be good for goodness' sake" without believing in a "Big Guy in the Sky" constantly watching them. 

NYT: Legion of Doom fights efforts in state legislatures to change statute of limitations in child sexual abuse cases. Of course.   

Weird alliance between evangelicals and humanists to oppose government funding of "mystical" charter schools  

Hollywood software engineer heading to the Congo to search for a "Loch Ness Monster" there 

Via Hemant: Santa Monica city council, cheesed off that atheists get to play, takes its holiday displays and goes home 

CSI's Ben Radford remains leery of the blogosphere 

Westboro Baptist Church is protesting perhaps its greatest threat: Drew Carey

Missouri's Springfield News-Leader covers new SCA chapter there, lists state bills SCA is opposing 

Court rules that God-invocation in Pledge of Allegiance is a "patriotic exercise"

Quote of the Day     

Stephen Colbert, over Twitter (@stephenathome):

NC passed law against global warming science, therefore it's not happening. So I'm ignoring Twitter's 140-character limit, so it's not happ
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