The Morning Heresy 7/24/12: If You Don’t Read This, You’re Hitler

July 24, 2012

Your daily digest of news and links relevant to the secular and skeptic communities. 

Bye bye, Sally Ride (1951-2012).

Greta Christina has some words for Mitt Romney in response to his praise of Dr. Ride. 

CFI boss Ron Lindsay explores how one's politics are (and are not) informed by humanism in the latest Free Inquiry

James Kirk Wall on a nonbeliever's options for coping with tragedies like that of Aurora's: "Atheists have no comforting lies to help deal with grief." 

David Gibson on the religious struggle with gun control

Aurora pastor to churchgoers: "I'm very, very happy God spared you." No mention of why God might not have spared the others.  

OMG! The Muslims are totally going to TEAR DOWN THE PYRAMIDS!!! (No they're not.

Find out what's going through Cody Hashman's head when he's reading brain waves in the lab. 

Apparently religious institutions should worry about freedom and liberty and whatnot. According to Sceince and Religion Today, "largely casual atheism predominates when democratic societies are at their most successful." 

In India, Muslims praying for Ramadan are irked by Hindus making offerings to Shiva, and things get ugly.

Phil Plait laments the violent rhetoric and imbecilic attacks from climate change deniers.

Leah Libresco, a friendly Catholic. Hemant Mehta, a friendly atheist. The friendliness ends here!!! Well, no, but they did do a podcast interview/argument together. 

Hemant, by the way, has a piece in the new Free Inquiry entitled "Taking Care of Our Own," about how we in the atheosphere are so quick to attack each other at the slightest provocation, and it's really good. BEHIND THE SCENES SECRET: Before publishing, he and I discussed giving it the title: "If You Don't Read This, You're Hitler."

James Croft gives us a much-needed PoliSci lesson with an introduction to the concept of the Overton Window.

Sharon Hill on the new scam of death-threat texting

Rob Boston emails the Heresy about a hot new deal that can't be missed: Bigfoot for $80,000! (Used.) 

The Tennessean looks at the potential impact of the new state SCA chapter

Child-rape-enabler Msgr. William J. Lynn of Philadelphia to be sentenced today. 

Federal court: No graduation in a church

Father Dwight Longenecker is sick of atheist trolls

Oh, you guys are going to eat this up. Cracked has a series of unintentionally hilarious religious paintings

Mike Huckabee wants everyone to support anti-gay bigotry with their fast food dollars

New Orleans UFO spotter: "I saw something that completely defies all the knowledge that I have." (Don't make a joke...Don't make a joke...) 

Headline at "UFOs confuse South Carolina residents" (Aaaaaugh, don't make a joke...resist snaky, elitist jokes...) 

Taliban marriage counseling. (Duck.) 

Quote of the Day      

The Oatmeal webcomic helps you cope with being a bag of meat. My favorite bit: 

This is why I'm a fan of Buddhists and Jews. There's no such thing as a door-to-door Jew. Their attitude is more like "I'm Jewish and this shit is awesome. I don't give a raging crap if you're joining or not. In fact, you're not allowed in. All this awesome shit is mine." 

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