The Morning Heresy 7/30/12: Chuck Norris Checks Under His Bed for Eddie Tabash

July 30, 2012

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Today’s Morning Heretics are CFI Interns, Tony Lakey and Stef McGraw. Paul is out on family leave due to the birth of his second child (although I have it on good authority that he is actually building a “giant evil robot.” I’ll keep you posted.) Paul will be returning August 13th.  

CFI Campus Organizer Dren Asselmeier informs us of CFI board member Eddie Tabash’s willingness to take on Chuck Norris. Well…not physically. Eddie explains:

As an atheist/secular humanist, I am horrified at the religious fundamentalist and anti-gay ideas expressed by Chuck Norris. Even though I have a black belt in Okinawan karate, I would run for the hills if anyone even suggested that I fight him physically. He is one of the most knowledgeable martial arts masters in the world. However, because I regard the America he envisions as antithetical to the crucial needs of a modern secular society, I hereby challenge him to a verbal—yes only verbal!—debate on the separation of church and state.

Want this smackdown to go down near you? CFI’s Outreach Department would be happy to help make that a reality (that is, if Mr. Norris isn’t too scared to face THE Eddie Tabash).

Ed Brayton of Dispatches from the Culture Wars and recent Catholic convert Leah Libresco both join the league of bloggers urging readers to sign the petition in support of Alexander Aan

With the Olympics starting this past weekend, Steven Novella reminds us of how rife the sports world is with pseudoscientific claims. Except for my energy bracelet. That’s for real. 

UC Berkeley Professor of Physics and former climate change denier Richard Muller now concludes climate change to be almost entirely human caused. His reasoning? New research as evidence. Hey, that’s all we can ask. 

Huffington Post blogger Jacques Berlinerblau argues that people should stop equating “secularism” with “atheism,” and vice versa.

Another interesting commentary from HuffPo: blogger Jeff Schweitzer criticizes several responses to the Aurora shooting, including the religious overtones from Obama and Romney. He writes:

  If Romney wants to pray, how about praying that people going to see a movie do not get shot and killed? If prayer is effective, I suggest prayer to prevent tragedy rather than to comfort victims afterward.

Research still shows that doctors meet the end of life differently from the rest of us: planning ahead, ditching CPR, and subsequently dying in peace.

At Lapham’s, Colin Dickey ponders whether we helpless apes can ever overcome the last-resort that is magical thinking.

More spaceporn: the view from ISS at night 

NPR’s Terry Gross picks the brain of novelist Christopher Beha, who like many of us, found “faith became much more interesting to me once I didn’t have it.” 

Deadly dualism: Believing your mind and body are separate could lead to “unhealthy choices.” My meaty shell and I refuse to accept this.  

Quote of the Day      

From the aforementioned article by HuffPo‘s Jeff Schweitzer:

...let’s be realistic and concede that prayer cannot alter the course of events and stop appealing to prayer just because it makes us feel good about ourselves so we can move on and put the tragedy easily behind us. “Offering our prayers” is a coward’s way out: We do not have to think any further, and we’ve done our bit, even though we’ve done nothing at all.

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