The Morning Heresy 8/31/12: Marco Rubio Has Found You Wanting

August 31, 2012

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Invisible men were the theme of the Republican National Convention last night.

Most people will remember Clint Eastwood's invisible President Obama and, well, whatever the hell that was that happened there.

But more importantly for us, Florida senator Marco Rubio values another invisible man. Rubio has judged, and found a particular segment of us wanting in our Americanness. Introducing Mitt Romney, Rubio said:

Our national motto is “In God we Trust,” reminding us that faith in our Creator is the most important American value of all.

Why yes, Sen. Rubio did just dunk atheists' heads in the metaphorical toilet.

Folks noticed. Andrew Sullivan (devout Catholic) tweeted:

Rubio ruled atheists out of being Americans. But it's smugness of this pathological patriotism that strikes me most. 

Matthew Yglesias (secular?) tweeted:

I guess the atheist vote isn't a big deal, but genuinely offended by that bit from Rubio's otherwise lovely speech. 

Guess what y'all? The website for Women in Secularism 2 is up, and you can start registering now! (Our web developer Matt Licata tells me the images are "Retina-ready" for your high-pixel-density Apple devices.)

One of my favorite women in secularism, CFI outreach director Lauren Becker, is changing roles to be director of marketing (no, I'm not being fired, it's not the same as director of communications). This, of course, leaves a new position open. You want it? Application instructions are here.  

Lawyer representing those who have accused the young Pakistani Rimsha Masih of blasphemy makes unveiled threat that Muslims will resort to violence against her and others if she is not convicted.

petition purporting to be from Rimsha's mother to President Zardari now has over 545,000 signatures. 

Look how easy it is to be the fastest-growing religion

Joe Nickell delivers a message....TO THE FUTURE. 

Some Christians are feeling threatened by the 'paganist' Burning Man festival (which I didn't even know was still a thing).

Atheism+ launches a project to transcribe relevant video and audio for the seeing and hearing impaired. 

Priest at the Catholic Exchange blames birth control for all of society's ills including, yes, the depopulation of Israel.     

The president on Romney's religious adherance, presupposing it to be a virtue (of course):

I think he takes his faith very seriously. And as somebody who takes my Christian faith seriously, I appreciate that he seems to walk the walk and not just be talking the talk when it comes to his participation in his church. 

Andrew Brown: "Bob Marley helped to make me an atheist." 

Louisiana state rep: Stop learning about gays in college because it doesn't help you join the work force. 

Bostonians witness "camouflaged" UFO, which tells me it was not the best camouflage. 

The Baltic Sea UFO that looked like the Millennium Falcon? Yep, a rock

Oh, man. Father Benedict Groeschel blames priest child-rape on the supposed seductions by young boys. 

Quote of the Day      

Hank Fox reminds us that it can take time and effort for the newly nonreligious to begin adopting values in addition to their newfound disbelief:

For newbies, the transition into atheism is tough enough that we’re content to focus on just that, and simply take atheism at face value. Our goal, in the beginning, is only to get free of religion — if not socially, then at least in our own private hearts and minds. For some of us, that is a years-long struggle. 

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