The Morning Heresy 9/11/12: Typically Ridiculous

September 11, 2012

Your daily digest of news and links relevant to the secular and skeptic communities. 

CFI's Debbie Goddard tells a heartfelt personal story to illustrate the need to take part in the Light the Night effort to fight cancer. 

At CSI, LaRae Meadows scores an interview with SETI founder Frank Drake, of the alien-life-predicting "Drake Equation" fame. 

Michael Nugent reports that Alexander Aan's prison sentence has been upheld despite appeals. 

Crommunist on the Atheism+ fracas, so well put in this small sentence fragment:

The fallout has been typically ridiculous.

Salman Rushdie writes at length about the fatwah against him in The New Yorker

Rick Hayes-Roth of TruthMarket joins Chris Mooney for the latest Point of Inquiry podcast. Sharon Hill applauds Hayes-Roth's effort.

AP: Marketing of testosterone as a kind of male cure-all is "getting ahead of the science." 

Big new acupuncture study seems to maybe say that possibly doing actual acupuncture has kind of some benefits, maybe, at least more than no acupuncture at all, perhaps.

The AP and Guardian ledes on this story are strikingly different (hat tip to Ron) -- emphasis mine: 

  • AP: "Acupuncture gets a thumbs-up for helping relieve pain from chronic headaches, backaches and arthritis in a review of more than two dozen studies"
  • Guardian: "Acupuncture could be a useful treatment in some cases of chronic pain, according to a study that pooled the results of 29 clinical trials on almost 18,000 people. But the overall benefits were small, compared with no acupuncture or sham acupuncture."

Tim Farley: Internet fraudsters may be retaliating against sites that call them out for being untrustworthy, and has some tips for dealing with it. 

New book (aimed at kids?) "documents" the ghosts who haunt the White House

Radical Islamists enforcing Shariah law in Mali with amputations

Black Skeptics highlights books by black atheist authors from the past decade. 

Romney, apparently unaware that he has already won the GOP nomination, continues his God-themed insinuations about Obama's alleged intentions to remove theistic invocations from the Pledge and the currency.

Family Research Council's Tony Perkins tut-tuts Democrats over not being godly enough. Also, fire is hot. 

mushroom might be fighting cancer in dogs. 

University of Delaware paper, which has the smallest font I've ever seen, reports on students' waning attention to religion

Rimsha Masih requires an armored vehicle and bodyguards, say her lawyers. 

Global Post: Pakistan grows more uncomfortable with its blasphemy laws. 

Folks in Whitehall, NY are hitting Craigslist to recruit Bigfoot trackers

Quote of the Day      

Qasim Rashid in WaPo:

No citizen should have to “prove” their Americanness any more than any other citizen. So let’s get back into the black. On the 11-year anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, it is time to give victory to tolerance and pluralism over prejudice.
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