Unsolved Serial Killings Haunt NM; Where are the Psychics?

April 22, 2009

  My home town of

  Albuquerque, New Mexico,

  is making national news again, and it’s not the kind of press Mayor Chavez
wants. It seems that there may be a dozen or more victims of a serial killer
whose bodies were buried in a vacant lot on the West Mesa,
dating back at least several years.

  As writer Sarah Netter noted in the Feb. 17     Albuquerque Journal     , “The bodies were found by chance, starting with one bone sticking out of the dirt…The bones were believed to have been unearthed by excavation work in the area.” At last count, the remains of eleven people have been found at what Police Chief Ray Shultz describes as one of the largest crime scenes in New Mexico.


  It’s a horrifying story that brings up a curious issue. There are hundreds of psychic detectives across the country who claim to locate missing persons and solve crimes for police. I’d guess that there are dozens of psychics in Albuquerque who, if they have the abilities they claim, could do the same. Yet Albuquerque has about 25 open cases of missing adults, and hundreds of unsolved homicides dating back decades.


  It’s a fair question to ask: Why haven’t any psychics helped locate missing persons, bring their killers to justice, or save lives by stopping serial killers before they could kill again? Why are police forensic teams and the Office of the Medical Investigator spending weeks identifying bodies on the West Mesa when gifted psychics could presumably do it in hours? Why are the remains of these victims being discovered only now   —   by accident   —   instead of years ago by psychic-led search teams?


  Among New Mexico’s high-profile missing persons cases:


  * Albuquerque native Nick Garza disappeared after a party at Vermont’s Middlebury College, where he was a student, on February 5, 2008. For months, his family and police searched in vain; at least one psychic claimed to communicate with Garza’s spirit, but could not help locate him. Garza’s body was finally found by police and cadaver dogs in a creek near the college on May 27, 2008.


  * As the search for Garza continued, two other young Albuquerqueans went missing, snowboarders who vanished in Colorado’s Wolf Creek ski area.   Kyle Kerschen and Michael George were last seen   January 5 and found five months later, not by a psychic, but by a search helicopter.


  * Nineteen-year-old Tara Calico disappeared on Sept. 20, 1988, while biking on NM 47. Twenty years later, her disappearance (and probable murder) remains unsolved.


  * In what is perhaps Albuquerque’s best-known unsolved crime, writer Lois Duncan’s daughter Kaitlyn was murdered in 1989. Duncan suspects she knows who killed her daughter, but without proof, the case remains unsolved.


    Other Serial Killers  


  The grisly West Mesa discovery is not the first time that New Mexico’s psychics were conspicuously silent during a serial killer’s rampage. In October 2008, Clifton Bloomfield was spared the death penalty in exchange for pleading guilty to five murders he committed in Bernalillo County dating back to 2005. District Attorney Kari Brandenburg said she “made a deal with the devil, but it was a necessary deal”   —   necessary because two of the crimes Bloomfield confessed to were unsolved.


  Why didn’t psychics help police solve those crimes, so that this brutal murderer would face punishment for all his victims? Better yet, why didn’t psychics help police capture Bloomfield soon after his first murders in 2005? At least three people would be alive today if Albuquerque’s psychics had stepped forward to provide useful information to police.

  Unfortunately, the track record of psychic detectives solving crimes is very, very poor. Hundreds of psychics have offered much (often contradictory) information about the disappearances of Chandra Levy, Natalee Holloway, Laci Petersen, Steve Fossett, Elizabeth Smart, Caylee Anthony, and many others. Not a single psychic’s information solved these cases, or any other.

    A Plea for Help  

  Telling fortunes for paying clients is all well and good, but where are the psychics when their abilities are needed for important life-or-death matters? Most of the psychics I have met seem to be sincere, compassionate, good-hearted people. I can’t imagine they don’t care about the victims and their families, and I assume they would jump at the chance to stop a murderer.

  Perhaps someone should issue an annoucement: If you are a psychic (or anyone else) who has useful information about any missing person or unsolved homicide, we encourage you to contact the police. If your abilities are real and can be useful, please do what you can to stop killers before they take more innocent lives, and help bring closure to the grieving families. Each victim of an unsolved murder was a human being with people who cared about them, and they deserve your help.

  Belief or doubt in psychic abilities is irrelevant. The result will speak for itself: Either psychics can provide specific information that is useful in locating a missing person or arresting a killer, or they can’t. If a psychic     can     help solve a case, I sincerely respect and applaud that, and it would be a wonderful gift to families desperate for answers and justice. It would also go a long way toward proving psychic powers to skeptics and scientists.  


  Of course we would add one important caveat: If you can’t give specific, useful information, please don’t waste police time and resources.  


  Do you suppose anyone would come forward? Or would the silence of the self-proclaimed psychics speak for itself?  







#1 shininglight on Sunday April 26, 2009 at 10:55am

Benjamin, thank-you so much for your article.  I too am from Albuquerque and I had been thinking about the same thing.  I happen to be one who at one time did not believe in psychics, due to the fact the Catholic Church said Psychics were of the devil. 

I, however, in these past years have come to believe that this ability, this “gift” does exist.  This past year, after years of questioning what really caused my 9 year-old brother to drown in the river in 1957, I inquired the help of a local, well known, psychic/medium, Melissa Frei, who is helping solve cold cases, if she had any info on my brother.  She not only revealed the facts of my brothers death/murder by a local priest, but also showed me the location by the river where this took place. 

I encourage people to seek a psychic/medium’s help, if all else has falied.  I believe their gift is there to help us find closures, find answers, find the truth that has been lurking within us. 

Thank you so much.

#2 DoctorAtlantis (Guest) on Friday May 01, 2009 at 9:14am

Shininglight - you’re saying that Melissa told you that your brother was murdered by a priest?  What’s her evidence for this?

Did she name the priest and did you follow up with the church to find out where this priest was at the time of the death of your brother?  And more importantly is this guy still alive to answer the “psychic’s” charges?

Melissa is getting $6 a minute to give Internet readings so I’d expect a lot of hard facts for that kind of cash.

I’m sorry about your brother and I’m sure you want answers - but how do you KNOW that what she’s telling you is the real answer?

#3 shininglight on Saturday May 02, 2009 at 11:19am

My family knew the priest.  He was our parish priest.  After my brother’s death, the priest just about took over our family, he became OUR GODFATHER, in charge of large hispanic family of (at the time)10. He had already been abusing one of my older brothers and continued with the next brother, who in fact was the one who died.  He by the way continued to abuse 3 more brothers and including myself.  He had also been abusing other boys, including the other boy who was found dead in the river, the same day my brother was found. 

You asked have I investigated.  First of all,Yes,Melissa came out with the name:  Father Richard Spellman, this was his name. What I found out is that this priest had been transferred to our parish in NMex. after he had been exposed abusing boys in Chicago.  In our parish, he was in charge of the Altar Boys, the Boys Scouts/Cub Scouts, and the all boys Baseball Team.  In 1966, he was confronted by the Archdiocese regarding some complaints by parents, at the parish school, of his abuse of their kids.  He was given an ultimatum:  He opted to leave the priesthood.  The Priest is now dead and has been since 1989.  What I’ve been told is that because my parents are both deceased, we the rest of the family can not inquire information from the church.  But regardless, I have continued to investigate.  Because, yes, I want more physical proof.

I don’t know where you got the info about Melissa charging $6.00 a min. because that is not true.  She has a website:  mediummelissa.com or soulsjourneyradio.com.  You can also check on:  youtube.com. Enter: Psyhcic investigates cold case.

We did not do this over the internet, I met her at a conference I went to, where she was giving a talk and doing some readings for others.  I went to her office and had a reading, not ever mentioning my brother, nor anything about him, and he came thru.  Then the info begin coming thru.  I at a later time asked her to take me to the location where he died.  She first stopped at the church and went step by step to the location at the river. Now this a woman not familiar with the westside of Albuquerque, much less the Church we grew up in, she’s not catholic.  She had never been to the river, either.  She went to the exact areas that were described in the 1957 newspaper.  Instead of going south, which is the direction my dad had always said the search team had gone, Melissa went North, and stopped in a secluded area of the river.  I must let you know, in July of 1957, Father Spellman lead the search party south of this area.  He had opted to lead the search for my brother.  Melissa came out with lots of info that only we the family had known. 

You may not be a believer in this, and I don’t ask you to be.  All I have to say is that God has given everyone different gifts, to be used to help others move forward.  We have to use discernment, our gut feeling, as to the person (psychic) whether or not the info coming thru is in fact true or just a means of taking advantage of someone.  There are those that cannot be trusted.  When the info comes thru, our work is to investigate it and find physical proof. 

Melissa, is one that I can truly say, has a genuine gift of mediumship, not only because she has helped me, but seeing how many other people she has helped in moving forward in grief.

If you’d like to know more of the story I can be reached at:  505-293-1466

Thanks for your inquiry.

#4 DoctorAtlantis (Guest) on Saturday May 02, 2009 at 1:12pm

You’re right - it’s not $6.00/min.  It is $5.99/minute at the first Google link I get when I searched on her name:

#5 DoctorAtlantis (Guest) on Saturday May 02, 2009 at 1:16pm

Well there was more to my reply but it got cut off - basically I wanted to know (a) how you know what she says is psychic info that didn’t/couldn’t come from a newspaper like you mentioned and (b) how do you know her information is correct?

#6 shininglight on Saturday May 02, 2009 at 3:51pm

Melissa, as of January 1st. charges $3.99 per min.  I, however, saw her before the new year when she was not connected with the website/radio, and did not pay her this amount.  Try: mediummelissa.com also 12listen.com and again soulsjourneyradio.com

Melissa had no idea there was a newspaper story and that I had a copy, we never spoke about this.  It was I, after the fact, after all the readings and going to the locations (church and river)with Melissa and my daughter,  that brought her the copies I had of the old newspapers my mom had been saving.By the way, my daughter, was recording the trip to the Church and the trip to the river.  Melissa described Father Spellman to the tee, (cigar, floppy tan hat, polo shirt, priestly black shoes and the smell of alcohol-scotch.  She described the swimming shorts my brother and the other little boy were wearing (navy blue)and how he the priest, had bought a pair of these swimming shorts for each of “his boys”.  (This answered a question we had had about the swimming shorts.  The night before my brother disappeared, a boy by the name of Johnny R. brought the shorts to our house for my brother).  She also described a gold chain with a small cross the other little boy was wearing.  She also described that there were 2 other boys at the location before the killings.  One remained, the other was sent home. She came out with the names of these boys, one being Johnny R. I never mentioned these to her, although we the family always thought this one was involved somehow.  The other boy was one of our older brothers, who was also being sexually abused by this priest.  She showed us where the clothing, that belonged to my brother and the other little boy were found and how the clothes were folded neatly and placed on a huge rock.  Being placed there by Johnny R. after Father Spellman, demanded he do so. This is another question, my brothers and I had always wondered about the clothes being neatly folded, we had always wondered if there had been an adult involved, because little kids would have just left there clothes thrown as they got out of them. 

Anyway, I’m not here to convince anyone, just to let you know that we are living in the times when each and everything that has been hidden and tucked away in secret is being exposed.  Their are so many ways of finding the information, I just happened to go the way of Medium/psychic to help unlock these secrets and allow the truth to come out and help set my family free.  Since this information has come to me, it’s helped me to truly begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together and to find so kind of peace in all of this.
Thanks again for your questions.  I’m not sure that I completely answered your questions.  All I can share is my truth in hopes that it’ll help someone in their search.

And once again, I’m not saying that everyone that claims to have this gift of seeing beyond is really seeing beyond.  We have to trust our gut feeling, test it all, find physical proof if it’s not there already.  You will know them by their fruits.  I certainly see where this woman by the name of Melissa came out with things that only we in our family knew. 

Thanks again and Blessings.


#7 Jenna on Tuesday May 05, 2009 at 1:00am


Might I suggest that you direct Psychic Melissa to the grisly scene at the West Mesa site?  If she is indeed imbued with a special “gift,” this would be an excellent opportunity to be of service to the community, especially the families waiting for answers.  I would hope that in these circumstances, Melissa would be willing to wave her fee.  Just think of all the positive referrals she’ll receive when she solves this mystery.


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