Was That Fishers of Men or Fighters of Men?

February 25, 2010

Some churches are now offering classes in mixed martial arts and are staging fights --all in an effort to attract a demographic largely absent from many churches, namely young men 18 to 30. As the New York Times has reported, these churches are now hearing shouts of "Finish the fight! To the Head!" Besides trying to attract more young men to the pews (and to the fight ring), this emphasis on muscular Christianity reflects the desire of some clergy to inject more machismo into their churches.

Funny, I had not noticed a dearth of male-friendly doctrine in religious institutions.

But, in any event, I say more power to them. Churches have always used a number of different programs and promotional devices to get people in the door, whether it's bingo, free doughnuts, couples nights, or the blessing of pets. Perhaps now some cutting-edge churches can combine some of these efforts so we can have a couples fight night on which bets can be taken.

Just remember the first rule of Fight Club in churches is not "Don't talk about Fight Club" but "Tithe."