Wishful Thinking Will Not Grant Good Health.

June 5, 2010

Details on Deepak Chopra's "quantum mysticism" talk in Vancouver and the organized response are provided on the blog Crommunist Manifesto

The following media release was circulated late last week:

The Centre for Inquiry Vancouver (CFI), is urging skeptics and freethinkers to take a stand on the promotion of ill conceived and mystical science and health advice by new age wellness guru Deepak Chopra

On June 4th, Deepak Chopra will be giving a talk in Vancouver promoting his claims of "Quantum Healing" and other ideas that have been shown by modern science to be ineffective.

This constitutes a significant risk to the public if people listen to Chopra instead of qualified medical professionals. At the very least, this is taking money from people for promises about health that are completely unsubstantiated." Says CFI Vancouver Executive Director Ethan Clow.

Meanwhile, the Deepak Chopra speaking appearance at the Royal Ontario Museum is postponed because their venue at the University of Toronto fell through after U of T shut down all events on campus.  The University is concerned for student safety since Queen's Park which its buildings surround is the official site for the G20 protest in Toronto.  CFI responded with the following:

Toronto, ON (June 1 2010) -- On June 23rd, 2010, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) was set to present Deepak Chopra as a part of their Director's Series of lectures.  The CASS has decided to speak out against this exemplary scientific institution's presentation of Mr. Chopra.

"The CASS has no problem with Mr. Chopra's decision to speak in public about these ideas," states Iain Martel, co-chair of the CASS, "but instead would like to take the opportunity to educate and inform the public about the scientific emptiness of Mr. Chopra's ideas and his misreading of modern physics."  To this end, the CASS has drafted an open letter to the ROM and solicited the support of hundreds of prominent scientists, thinkers and skeptics.

Due to the G20 meeting in Toronto, the University of Toronto has had to suspend all events, including Mr. Chopra's talk.
"I hope that this letter will cause them to re-think their support of Mr. Chopra in the future,” insists Martel “They could start by cancelling Chopra's lecture permanently."  The letter, along with over eight hundred names in support of it, will be delivered to the ROM this week.