Witches put demons in Halloween candy?  More could believe that’s true than you might think.

October 30, 2009

More nomnoms, more possible demons.

Demons are the new razors?  An article by a Kimberly Daniels that went up on Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) website in the last day or two warned Christians of the demonic dangers of Halloween.  The response from the skeptical and secular quarters of the blogosphere was swift and fierce.  The Americans United for Separation of Church and State press release quoted one of the most eyebrow-raising parts of the article:

"[M]ost of the candy sold during this season has been dedicated and prayed over by witches," Daniels wrote. "I do not buy candy during the Halloween season.  Curses are sent through the tricks and treats of the innocent whether they get it by going door to door or by purchasing it from the local grocery store. The demons cannot tell the difference."

Interestingly, the original CBN webpage linked to from the AU piece now says, "We're sorry, the page you have requested cannot be found."

Fortunately for those of us who are curious about these sorts of things, the Google-cached page with the article can still be seen online.  You can also read the article where it was originally posted  a few days ago at CharismaMag.org, although that one comes with a disclaimer from the Editor:

Editor's Note: We realize that the article by Kimberly Daniels is controversial.  It reflects her own personal views—based on her many years of ministering to people involved in the occult.  We have chosen to post another column by Ken Eastburn which offers a different view of Halloween.  We welcome our readers to post comments on that article as well.  Click here to read Eastburn's article.

(For those of you who didn't click, Eastburn's article is titled "Why Christians Should Celebrate Halloween.")

I was going to leave the demonic candy thing alone, especially since the story's been around the intertubes quite a bit already.  Also, even though I blogged last month about a pastor who believes that there are demons in swine flu vaccinations , I reeeeally didn't think that there could be a significant number of people out there who believe in literal demons (even if Paranormal Activity is currently #2 at the box office).  However, an article from those trusty folks at the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life served as a reminder that there are indeed LOTS of Americans who think that "angels and demons are active in the world."  Here are some stats they give us from a 2007 survey:

  • 68% of Americans "completely or mostly agree that angels and demons are active in the world."
  • 88% of Mormons, and 87% of evangelical Christians, agree.
  • Also, 95% of Jehovah's Witnesses agree (but they're probably not doing any trick-or-treating for Halloween anyway, so they won't have to worry about the demons in the candy).
  • Jews were the group most likely to disagree—73% didn't think that angels and demons are active in the world.
  • Of the "religiously unaffiliated", the group most readers of this blog would likely fall into, 40% still completely or mostly agree that angels and demons are active in the world.

Two-thirds of Americans believe in angels and demons?  Now that is scary.  Chew on those numbers as you chew on your potentially-possessed Halloween candy this weekend.