Would the Whole Earth Catalog offer a Nuclear Power Plant?

October 12, 2009

We can get into a bad habit of speaking about envirnomentalism as if were one unified movement. Remember Stewart Brand, who published the first Whole Earth Catalog in 1968? An environmentalist guru if there ever was one. But a younger generation is now appalled by his advocacy of nuclear power as an alternative to the fossil fuels choking the planet. 

Brand realizes that the environmentalist movement now thinks that he has lost his mind, as the Toronto Star reports in an interview . Brand says, "I've always had a problem with the (environmentalists') romanticism and the anti-science stuff, back to 30 and 40 years ago," Brand says.

Is nuclear power the best alternative, if we really have to worry about surviving the next 100 years? Confronted by rising waters and unstable climate changes, maybe the planet votes, "Yes"!


#1 Randy on Monday October 12, 2009 at 8:04am

I guess that’s the question.  Are we worrying about the next 100 years, or the next 100,000 years?  Personally, I’m only worrying about the next 50 years, and after that point, if Earth flies into the sun, I don’t care.  But I think most people care what’s going to happen to the next generation, and the next and the next.  And most people probably think humanity’s a good thing, and worth propagating.  What are these generations going to do with all the nuclear waste, and how are they going to be certain that it won’t contaminate the world?  Given our track record with other types of waste, I really don’t give us good odds on keeping the world safe from our nuclear waste.

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