“Psychics” in the Casey Anthony Murder Case

July 11, 2011

In the travesty of justice that was the Casey Anthony Murder trial in Orlando, two things may have escaped the reader's notice. The first is that the O.J. Simpson jury must have moved with O.J. to Florida and made themselves available to serve at the Anthony trial. The second concerns the involvement of "psychics." Did, in fact, a "psychic" divine the location of the remains of little Caylee Anthony, who was long sought after she went missing from her Orlando, Florida, home in the summer of 2008?

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The First Grader (A Nickell-odeon Review)

July 08, 2011

An inspiring narrative of humanity—of strength, values, and triumph—The First Grader should attract humanists in droves, perhaps especially secular humanists (i.e., atheists with hearts), since its messages are entirely secular. The story is all the more relevant for being "Based on a true story."

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Gay-Marriage Victory

July 05, 2011

I am proud that my state government has at last, on June 25, 2011, passed legislation to legalize same-sex marriage, and that Governor Andrew M. Cuomo—who personally lobbied for its passage, as I voted for him to do—promptly signed it into law.

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Failed “Psychic” Tip

June 21, 2011

Do "psychics" really solve crimes or help police find missing persons? Not according to an incident that drew not only Liberty County, Texas, sheriff's deputies, but also Texas Rangers, FBI agents, and cadaver-sniffing dogs, as well as a swarm of reporters and a TV helicopter.

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“Finding Bigfoot” a Howler

June 13, 2011

Finding Bigfoot, a new series airing on Animal Planet on Sundays (10 p.m. eastern and pacific time), looks like another silly TV program aimed at the credulous. Its "special preview episode"—filmed in the "remote woods of northern Georgia," in the Chattahoochee National Forest—set forth the show's formula: make it look as much like Ghost Hunters as possible.

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“Incendies” (A Nickell-odeon Review)

June 07, 2011

Based on a play, Scorched, by Lebanese emigrant to Montreal Wajdi Villeneuve, Incendies is at once an intriguing mystery, a compelling evocation of human values and choices (humanists take note) during a horrific war, and an utterly stunning drama about the quest for familial completeness—a drama that harks back to the ancient Sophocles tragedy, Oedipus Rex.

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The Beast of Gévaudan— In New Orleans?

June 03, 2011

Attend CSICON 2011 to learn more.

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Ghost in the Mirror—Part II: Mystery Solved

May 25, 2011

Apparitions—and “orbs”—explained

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