The Man Who Sold Bigsuit

Philip Morris (right) poses with Joe Nickell, overseen by one of Morris’ Bigfoot creations.

September 02, 2009

Philip Morris sold costume for famous Bigfoot film.

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Vatican Miracle Game

August 25, 2009

Medical science shortchanged by miracle claim.

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Encountering ‘Aliens in the Attic’

Promotional movie poster for Aliens in the Attic

August 21, 2009

Children’s fantasy is a takeoff on the alien mythology.

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Paleontologists Tour “Creationist Disneyland”

August 14, 2009

Scientists tour “monument to scientific illiteracy”

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Great Quackery Collector Dead

August 04, 2009

Olgierd Lindan, freethinker and quackbuster, dies at 95.

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Thought-Reader Banachek

Banachek bending a fork (Photo by Joe Nickell)

July 30, 2009

Internationally known performer astounds

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The IIG Awards

July 16, 2009

Thanks from an award recipient

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Famous ‘Psychic’ Blindsided

July 10, 2009

Rosemary Altea fails to “see” self being scammed.

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Crop Circles Evolve

July 03, 2009

England’s crop-circle formations prompt an iconological study.

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The Child Preachers

June 25, 2009

Like "Marjoe the Miracle Child," Kid preachers thrive.

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