Political discourse must improve, but let’s not overreach

January 17, 2011

Americans are right to condemn harsh political rhetoric, but we shouldn't expect discourse that is nice and neat.

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Considering some common objections to philosophy

January 10, 2011

People often tell me that philosophy is esoteric and useless. Are they correct?

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Does the National Center for Science Education Deserve the Criticism It Receives?

December 28, 2010

Secularists continue to charge that the NCSE too often promotes the compatibility of science and religion. Do they have a point?

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Finding a Secular Meaning in Christmas

December 24, 2010

The prologue to Bertrand Russell's autobiography sums up how I feel as another year passes.

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When the Unethical Becomes the Unlawful

December 20, 2010

Not everything that is unethical should be unlawful, so what determines the transition from ethics to law?

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If Religion Means So Much, How Could Atheism Mean Nothing?

December 10, 2010

Some reflection on the secular moralist argument that atheism is meaningless.

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On Utilitarianism and Consequentialism

November 24, 2010

Some people say we're all utilitarians/consequentialists at bottom. But there are good reasons to be skeptical of such claims.

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TSA Chief Says No Religious Exemptions for Airport Screenings

November 17, 2010

Sen. John Ensign raised the issue during a recent Senate hearing with TSA Administrator John Pistole.

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Secularism and Methodological Naturalism

October 25, 2010

Is philosophical naturalism to atheism as methodological naturalism is to secularism?

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Survey Highlights Americans’ Mixed Views on Church and State, Constitution

October 19, 2010

Most Americans believe U.S. Constitution founded Christian nation, but also see clear separation of church and state.

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