If Religion Means So Much, How Could Atheism Mean Nothing?

December 10, 2010

Some reflection on the secular moralist argument that atheism is meaningless.

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On Utilitarianism and Consequentialism

November 24, 2010

Some people say we're all utilitarians/consequentialists at bottom. But there are good reasons to be skeptical of such claims.

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TSA Chief Says No Religious Exemptions for Airport Screenings

November 17, 2010

Sen. John Ensign raised the issue during a recent Senate hearing with TSA Administrator John Pistole.

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Secularism and Methodological Naturalism

October 25, 2010

Is philosophical naturalism to atheism as methodological naturalism is to secularism?

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Survey Highlights Americans’ Mixed Views on Church and State, Constitution

October 19, 2010

Most Americans believe U.S. Constitution founded Christian nation, but also see clear separation of church and state.

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Sam Harris Talks “The Moral Landscape” in NYC

October 13, 2010

Full video of Sam Harris' lecture for CFI | NYC is now available on CFI's YouTube page.

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Honest and Decent Humans Should Oppose This Pope

September 30, 2010

That the public sees protests as unimportant or divisive is a problem of lack of general appreciation of the evidence.

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What Really Happens When We Die?

September 23, 2010

I was given the chance to state my position.

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The President and Religion

September 14, 2010

Do the president's religious beliefs matter? And how much?

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CFIers Join Leading Secularists in Pondering the Future of Humanism

August 30, 2010

Ron Lindsay and I contributed to a collection of essays on humanism featured on the Web site Patheos.

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