The Geert Wilders Trial

February 04, 2010

We should be concerned about this attempt to punish free speech

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Be Careful What You Call God

January 28, 2010

Allah is not for everyone

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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up—Bible Verses on Gun Sights

January 21, 2010

Jesus is packing heat

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One Cheer (Amid a Chorus of Boos) for Pat Robertson

January 14, 2010

Pat's God is the God of the ordinary believer and we should not pretend otherwise

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Two Cheers for Google

January 14, 2010

Google takes a principled stand for free speech and against the Chinese government

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God and Sex, Part 2

January 07, 2010

Full-body scanners may have an unexpected benefit

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God and Sex, Part 1

January 07, 2010

The power of God's loving embrace

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Great News from Montana Regarding Assisted Dying!

December 31, 2009

The Montana Supreme Court has ruled that Montana law does not prevent the terminally ill from receiving assistance in dying

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A Provocative Critique of Religious Beliefs—from Believers

December 31, 2009

Some religious understand the importance -- and legitimacy -- of blasphemy better than some humanists

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Merry Christmas: Liu Xiaobo Will Be Sentenced Tomorrow

December 24, 2009

Liu Xiaobo and the struggle for freedom in China

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