Thank You Justice Stevens

April 09, 2010

A great jurist and defender of church-state separation retires

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Atheist Money Is Terrifying

April 01, 2010

We have made some progress, but we still have a long way to go

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Atheism, Humanism and the Neo-Humanist Statement

March 22, 2010

Perhaps the Neo-Humanist Statement is a diamond in the rough, but it certainly needs polishing

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Religious Dogma and the Health Care Debate

March 18, 2010

Catholic bishops and their allies may abort health care

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That Swedish Cartoon of Mohammed Was Offensive ...

March 11, 2010

Islam deserves no protection from sharp criticism, but neither do other religions

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No National Day of Prayer? An Impartial Texas School Board? Yes, It Is Possible

March 04, 2010

Two recent developments provide some hope to supporters of church-state separation

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What Constitutes A Church?

February 25, 2010

Is a bad boys' club for legislators entitled to tax-exempt status?

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Was That Fishers of Men or Fighters of Men?

February 25, 2010

Turn the other cheek, and then throw a devastating punch

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The Geert Wilders Trial

February 04, 2010

We should be concerned about this attempt to punish free speech

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Be Careful What You Call God

January 28, 2010

Allah is not for everyone

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