Serving the Underserved

May 28, 2010

CFI branches and campus groups are serving the most underserved segment of our population.

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Church or Fitness Center???

Picture taken by Reba Boyd Wooden.

May 19, 2010

Is the main focus the fitness center or is it used to draw people to fundamentalist dogma?

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Greeting Cards and Decoration Day

Picture from the web.

May 12, 2010

Memories and reminders to "pay it forward."

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Photo by Virginia Boyd of Palo Alto, CA

April 21, 2010

Funerals provide closure, relief from stress, and a chance to share family memories and pride.

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Not Enough Marthas

March 31, 2010

It is not enough to read, write, philosophize, and talk. Action is needed.

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Putting Love of God above Love of Neighbor

March 24, 2010

Many who profess their love of God ignore Matthew 25:31-46 while others live by it.

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Majority Vote vs Church/State Separation

March 11, 2010

Can a student-led prayer be said at a graduation ceremony if the majority of the class votes in favor of it?

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Confusing Serendipity and God

March 10, 2010

How do we explain unexplainable good fortune?

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Our Country’s Future Depends on Educated Citizens

March 03, 2010

Suggestions for the Grad Nation campaign.

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Assault on Public Education

February 17, 2010

Public education in the United States is being unfairly attacked.

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