A Tribute to My Father on Father’s Day

Picture taken by Opal Boyd, 1941.  Picture taken by Reba Boyd Wooden about 1998.

June 21, 2009

A tribute to my father whose words and example shaped my work ethic, social conscience, and independent thought.

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From Martin Luther King, Jr and Robert F. Kennedy to Barack Obama

Photo by Reba Boyd Wooden. Land Mark for Peace Memorial. Indianapolis, IN. on 17th Street just west of College Avenue.

June 06, 2009

A chance visitor to CFI Indiana prompts memories of journey from 1968 to 2009.

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Atheist Group or Religious Group—Which is More Harmful?

June 02, 2009

Parents are upset because their college daughter joined an atheist group.

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Religion Has Monopoly On Marriage

Picture taken by Reba Boyd Wooden at a same-sex committment ceremony held at CFI Indiana.

May 28, 2009

When a couple marries, they may be forced to choose between a religious ceremony and an impersonal civil ceremony.

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ACLU-IN and Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign Sue Bloomington, IN Bus Company

Photo by Sarah Kaiser.

May 08, 2009

Bus company considers "You Can Be Good Without God" too controversial.

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A Mother’s Day Tribute to the Mothers of Presidents

May 06, 2009

Mothers of exceptional sons tend to be independent thinkers who are intelligent and do not shrink from controversial opinions.

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Those Old Gospel Songs

May 01, 2009

It might be fun to belt out those old gospel songs even if I don't believe a word of it.

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