One Big Buzzkill

October 16, 2013

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Tibor Krausz at Killing the Buddha rants against what he sees as the pig-headed arrogance of his fellow atheists:

Any self-respecting nonbelievers should champion a rational view of the world where informed decisions are based on empirical evidence, progressive morality and simple common sense, yes. But they also ought to try and live up to the exacting ethical standards that Enlightenment values entail — or, for that matter, to standards of morality that several liberal schools of religious thought require of the faithful. 

Yesterday, CFI announced the winners of our Twitter contest for International Blasphemy Rights Day. Congrats to @SkepticalPoet, @marit_rogne, and @krow9768 (who also have real names).

Ed Brayton represents CFI-Michigan in a piece at PrideSource on Christianists looking to nix non-discrimination laws:

It is particularly ironic when Christian fundamentalists argue that the Constitution must be interpreted through their religious ideology while simultaneously arguing that Muslims are seeking to take over the country so they can do the same thing. Given that Muslims make up about one percent of the population and have zero political power, the threat of Christian theocrats is far greater in America than that of Muslim theocrats.

On November 7, CFI-Indiana will host "Leaving My Religion: The Risks and Rewards of Becoming Non-Religious." 

The Vatican prohibits churches from hosting funeral services for Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke, recently dead at the age of 100. 

David Silverman goes into the Fox News pit to debate the congressional chaplaincy, but the best part of course is his Twitter handle, "@MrAtheistPants", splashed across the TV screen. 

The other Silverman, Herb, learns some lessons from the Bible without having to believe in it. 

Boston Atheists rebut Oprah on what makes an atheist over and over and over again

David Niose gets to the heart of the problem with Oprah:

To those among Oprah's legion of loyal viewers who may have held anti-atheist prejudices, this now validates their bias. That's right, those atheists just aren't like the rest of us, they can now say, nodding their heads. While we religious people of the world are appreciating the wonder and awe of life, those atheists are just one big buzzkill!

Grover wants to resurrect dinosaurs, and apparently uses Tweetdeck. 

Expert report says that a baby in Australia was not killed by chiropractic treatment as previously thought.

Rob Boston uses the wisdom of Morrissey to show the folly of conservatives throwing around the word "tyranny." 

The GOP has lost Pat Robertson. There must be some kind of prophecy about this. 

The next target of Pakistan's blasphemy laws is reportedly its former president Pervez Musharraf for allegedly desecrating a Quran. 

Emily Albrecht at Dartmouth's student paper disagrees with the Yale Religious Ministries' refusal to admit humanists:

Though neither atheism nor agnosticism in and of themselves constitute a religion, Humanism addresses many of the same philosophical issues as organized religions do. Both have debated concepts of ethics and morality, as well as organized beliefs regarding human existence. Humanism is a valid and encompassing world view and philosophy; it just does not profess belief in a deity or deities. Why then is it excluded from fully participating in interfaith dialogue at our esteemed Ivy League peer? The issue there seems to be semantics, which is a rather insubstantial basis for exclusion. 

Correlation (though not causation) shown between cancer patients who use alternative treatments and depression in those patients. 

Just published: a memoir from a former Jehovah's Witness, Deliverance at Hand!

Public school in Washington state launches an investigation into the infiltration of its cafeteria with youth pastors spreading the world about Jesus

Sea monster! No really! 

A Brazilian atheist converts to Christianity after surviving heart surgery, and I guess that means there needs to be a big story about it. Man bites dog, etc.

Quote of the Day

Roy Speckhardt on the ethics of being a closeted-versus-open atheist:

Considering the shared aim among nonbelievers to doggedly pursue the truth regarding humanity, the nature of the universe, and everything in it, there is understandably a high ethical standard for humanists and other nontheists to which they hold themselves. There's a reason Americans swear to uphold the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And failing to uphold the whole truth (when what's withheld matters) is equal to the other such failings.     

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