Hitler and Satan Ruin Your Coffee

October 18, 2013

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Point of Inquiry has a new team! Yesterday we announced two new hosts: Lindsay Beyerstein and Josh Zepps, and producer Joshua Billingsley. Completely awesome.

CFI-Michigan makes the news again with the Living without Religion campaign, this time hitting the Detroit Free Press and by extension USA TodayAnother piece from Calvin College's paper in Grand Rapids goes further into the mission of CFI. 

Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis considers our campaign, and seems to think we're in trouble:

These atheists may have found temporary pleasure in the world, but ultimately they’re going to spend an eternity in hell unless they repent and believe the gospel.  

What if crystals really did have magical powers (I mean "special frequencies")? Kyle Hill paints the ridiculous picture in his latest column for CSI:

Conflict-ridden areas already stressed by the diamond trade would be pushed a bit further as prices rise. The gemstones would make their way into stores around the world, and their cuts and qualities would soon denote different properties. Jewelers try their hand at crafting the perfectly cut “healing stone.” Others reject this molecular sculpting and push for more “organic” stones. Quartz paperweights could be worth a fortune. 

CFI-Indiana is set to celebrate Carl Sagan Day on November 9 with Phil Plait, Katherine Rhode, James Croft, and Leonard Tramiel. Hell of a program, that!

This is new and encouraging: The Ex-Muslim Blog Project:

The EXMNA believe that it is our duty to broadcast the gems of apostate intellectual discourse to the best of our ability . . .  Apostasy is not a monolithic ideal, and we aim to provide a platform to the wide variety of viewpoints in order to provide a more nuanced understanding of the issues around it.

Atheist Ireland submits its proposals to the country's Constitutional Convention. 

European religious leaders are apparently really scared of secularism: Said Germany's Paul Herzog Von Oldenburg at a recent panel:

We are supposed to be living in a tolerant human rights era. Instead, we live in a dictatorship of relativism, the worst form of religious persecution. Secular intolerance forces us to abandon our values, to be part of this festival of diversity. It is tantamount to apostasy.  

Hemant translates:

Here’s a better summary of their statements: Church/state separation is bad because it means we don’t always get our way. . . . It’s like they’re getting their talking points from Ted Cruz. 

This is some Grade-A weird: A murder trial in Johannesburg concerning a Satanic soul-selling scheme, which ended in the fiery death of an 18-year-old girl. Said accused Linden Wagner:

The power was for us to be able to kill anyone who got into our way and wouldn’t accept the mark of the beast. . . .  I wanted power to be able to lift you up with my eyes and then throw you on the other side of the room if you didn’t want to accept it. . . . When I heard of American artists selling their souls, it was something I wanted to be part of…. Like Tupac, Bone Thugs, and Snoop Dogg.

Kimberly Winston reports on new research from PRRI on the rise of "nones" within Hispanic Americans. Here's some cool infographic goodness on same.

Utah companies resist allowing American Atheists to promote its Salt Lake City conference on billboards, and Dave Muscato goes there:

What this really communicates to us is the stranglehold that the Mormon church has on the community in Utah. It reminds me of the Mafia in Italy. They don’t even have to make threats. People just know that they’re supposed to be afraid. 

Karen Swallow Prior of Liberty University (yes, that one) is actually in favor of Common Core educational standards, opposed by many other Christian conservatives:

As a Christian and an English professor, I believe that our students are not being effectively taught the skills of deep reading. As a Christian, those needs take on an even deeper resonance, because we are … a word-centered faith, so the ability to read closely and read well is essential to the Christian faith.

Aubrey Adrianson on why atheists actually have morals (no really, we do!):

Atheists understand that morality is a complex issue that involves human motivations to act and assessing the consequences of those actions. The right action moves the group up Maslow’s Hierarchy.  

Letter to the editor from a retired member of the military comes down hard on the God-invoking Pledge of Allegiance as "shunning" of atheist service veterans:

Those atheist service men fought and some died for their flag, their country, and your right to believe in your gods. This hypocritical pledge is a disrespectful spit into the faces of those men. 

Saudi Arabia, Chad, Nigeria, Chile, and Lithuania join the UN Security Council. What could go wrong?

There's a new Pearl Jam song, "Mind Your Manners," and our own Michael De Dora tells me it might be about coming out as an atheist. Hmmm.

Quote of the Day

Mark Crislip facepalms over the atrocious advise of someone called "Food Babe" who says not to microwave food because:

[M]icrowaved water produce[s] a similar physical structure to when the words “satan” and “hitler” were repeatedly exposed to the water. 


So that’s why my microwave-warmed coffee tastes off: the hitler and satan crystals. The problem is when I rewarm the coffee on the stovetop it makes boehner and bachmann crystals, which leave an exceptionally bad taste in the mouth and I do not like room temperature coffee.  

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