More Off-Putting Than Hasselbeck!

October 23, 2013

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The CFI Summit starts tomorrow, where humanists and skeptics will gather to solve all world problems. <listens to earpiece> I'm sorry? <pause> Ah. I'm now being told that this is not true. But I think we ought to at least give it a shot.

CFI-Michigan's Jennifer Beahan, our shining media darling lately, is a guest on WKAR radio to talk about our Living without Religion campaign and the mission of CFI. 

Ali A. Rizvi's posts are always must-read, and he's done it again, this time trying to lend comfort to a grieving friend through the perspective of the nonbeliever. 

Anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy might be rejected by The View's own immune system:

A source revealed to Radar Online that ABC has begun doing investigative research into McCarthy’s performance on The View and reviews show that “viewers want to tune out the second she opens her mouth! The data has revealed that she is FAR more off-putting than Elisabeth [Hasselbeck].” 

TED posts video of a talk by CSI Executive Council member Elizabeth Loftus on "the fiction of memory." 

Adventure Christian Church: Okay, fine, we'll post the video in which Phil Zuckerman schools us. 

Study at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan shows that the more religious test subjects were more likely than other subjects to lie for financial gain.

India refuses to sign a UN global convention to end forced marriages of children. 

I kind of psychic cartel is busted in Moscow

Interesting piece by Martin E. Marty on the "secularization" of holidays:

Nietzsche and Company long ago and Dawkins and the “new atheists” now get blamed by resenters, but changes in behavior, observance, and setting of priorities are far more powerful. 

TV huckster Kevin Trudeau is going to jail. Sharon Hill: "It’s about F***ING TIME!" 

Psychic bus driver is sacked for refusing to pick up the kids on his route due to troubling premonitions. 

Quote of the Day

Excellent lede from an editorial by the Salt Lake Tribune on proposed "religious liberty" bills in Utah:

Convincing people that you have come to rescue them from threats that do not exist is a good way to raise campaign funds or win votes in a neighborhood caucus. But it is a lousy way to govern.    

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