The Right to Be Confused

October 31, 2013

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Happy All Hallows' Eve, everyone! Don't get into any mischief tonight, or the Morning Heretic's boy, donning the guise of the Dark Knight, will have to set you straight. (The Heretic's daughter, meanwhile, will be a cute piggie, and likely not crime-fighting, or even aware that she's wearing a costume.)

If Tom Flynn were a vampire or a werewolf (and who can say, really), and there was only one way to kill him, this might be it: "The Humanist Ten Commandments"

Piercarlo Valdesolo looks at the power of belief in things like Satan and the notion of "pure evil" (by the way, "Pure Evil" was the name of my kickball team when I was doing theatre, and it's a long story, but we won). 

Kyle Hill at the CSI website games out what happens if actual aliens actually visited Earth and someone had actual evidence of it. It'd be, you know, a big freaking deal. 

Nice work if you can get it: atheist Jew is given $1000 to observe the Sabbath. 

Elementary school kids in Bordentown, NJ won't be singing any religiously-themed Christmas songs this year.

Ben Radford gives a brief history on who do that voodoo

Looks like the NSA even tapped the phones of Catholic cardinals ahead of the papal conclave. 

Wrap your brain around this: Many Navajo are becoming Mormon. Which is odd when you consider the role Native Americans are said to play in Mormon theology. Which is a bad role. 

Joelle Renstrom uses the Simpsons to get at the heart of Unitarianism:

While Unitarians often avoid categorizations, designations, and congregations, it’s not because we’re cagey—it’s because we value space. The right to be dichotomous, confusing (and confused), and even inconsistent is important to me and to most Unitarians.  

Vietnamese man claiming paranormal powers fakes the remains of dead soldiers from the Vietnam war.

Glenn Branch at NCSE reminds us of the life of John T. Scopes after his famous trial. 

Billy Hallowell at The Blaze summarizes some of the discussion in the atheosphere and elsewhere over a report that a 12-year-old girl killed herself in order "to be with" her dead father. 

Hey look at these two guys: mysterious cult members, marketing gimmicks, or just a couple of dumbasses? 

This is, um, a church, and you know, from above, uh, it looks like, well, and then it gets covered up by, umm...oh, just go look. Perhaps NSFW. 

Quote of the Day

Father James Martin, on a TV panel with Penn Jillette:

Atheism is, to many respects, a reasonable thing to sort of posit from looking around at the world. I don’t posit that and I don’t believe in that but, yeah, it is perfectly reasonable for people to think that, and I think it is important to accompany them and not hit them over the head with something because, really, that does no good.

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