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November 25, 2013

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Today is my boy's 4th birthday. He had a party last night and wore his Batman costume because he is just that awesome. Happy birthday, son. I love you and I'm so proud of who you are. 

It's back! Right now, you can register for the third Women in Secularism conference, May 16-18, 2014 in Alexandria, VA. And speaking of women in secularism, CFI-DC's Melody Hensley has just earned Secular Celebrant status in Washington, DC, and she might be the first secular humanist in the U.S. ever to do so. Melody says, "This is a huge win against religious privilege. We want these laws in every state in the U.S."

Remember how Dave Silverman wasn't allowed to get his atheistic NJ license plate, and then the state relented? Well as I write at Friendly Atheistit's happened again to someone else, and this time, they said if they wanted, they could get a plate that says "Baptist." 

I'll admit it: When compiling the Heresy every day, I get a little weary of dumb Bigfoot stories that all pretty much go the same way, and I lose interest. Sharon Hill, however, makes an important point about active Bigfoot skepticism: 

Scoff if you will, but skeptical advocacy through talking about Bigfoot and other cryptozoological creatures is an important job. Those who joke about Bigfoot and how we are wasting our time researching and discussing it must have missed the Internet and popular TV shows lately. Bigfoot is booming. 

Ask an Atheist interviews our own Michael De Dora.

Deepak Chopra claims he must be right about his nonsense because professors from Harvard co-author with him sometimes. Steven Salzberg squares the circle:

With such impressive credentials, how can anything Chopra says can be wrong? But hang on a minute: Jerry Coyne is a Professor at the University of Chicago, and he got his Ph.D. in evolutionary biology at Harvard, under renowned biologist Richard Lewontin. So he must be right too!

Speaking of Harvard, a Christian journal there apologizes for printing an article saying that Jews deserve to be punished by God for killing Jesus. Classy!

And speaking of apologies, Costco apologizes for labeling the Bibles is sells as "fiction." WHAT ARE YOU APOLOGIZING FOR?

Despite creationist resistance, the Texas school board adopts science textbooks that do not call into question evolution or climate change. 

19th-century New Orleans building the LeBeau Plantation House burns to the ground because of "ghost hunters." Way to do science, guys.

Anti-vax group Australian Vaccination Network loses its appeal and is forced to change its name.  

SCA's Edwina Rogers opines at WaPo on the prospects and need for Humanist chaplains in the military

Kimberley Winston reports on atheist groups' efforts to get the IRS to require churches to open up about their finances

Climate talks in Warsaw get support from some religious groups

Tonight, CFI-Michigan takes part in an Interfaith Thanksgiving Service, represented by Ed Brayton. 

What's worse: religiously-bigoted parents, state-sponsored Christianity, or Comic Sans? 

Ben Radford responds to the shrug of "so what" that sometimes accompanies a skeptical investigation that seemed "obvious":

The analogy I use is that many investigations are like art; it's not that no one else could have done a painting (such as a Pollock or a Manet), it's that no one else did do it. 

You, too can block sin from your browser for just $4.99 a month. (Rebranding idea: "Netscape No-vigator!" Get it? That's yours, guys. You can run with that.)

Is Jesus just happy to see you

Quote of the Day

Here's the opening of a more scientifically-literate version of creation:

In the beginning was the singularity, and the singularity was infinitely dense and infinitely hot,

And the singularity expanded and the singularity cooled and there was chaos,

And of the primeval atom was born the Universe. 

* * *  

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