The God of Being Gay, Abortion, Computers, Pornography, and Animals

December 26, 2013

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Raif Badawi, a liberal Saudi blogger, faces new apostasy charges, which could end in a death sentence. Badawi's is one of the cases being tracked by our Campaign for Free Expression. At Friendly AtheistI despair:

Cases like this need more international attention, and those who position themselves as “allies” of Saudi Arabia, such as the United States, need to discover their consciences. How can the civilized world refer to itself as such when an ally practices such barbarism, it looks the other way? 

The ever-fluffy Pope Francis includes atheists in a call for "homemade peace" on Christmas Day, saying, off-script no less:

I invite even non-believers to desire peace. (Join us) with your desire, a desire that widens the heart. Let us all unite, either with prayer or with desire, but everyone, for peace.

CFI chief Ron Lindsay tweets, "I call upon all to work together for peace ... even Catholics." I speculate on Francis's sincerity.

Egypt's military-backed government officially declares the Muslim Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization

The late John Templeton, he of the religion-and-science-are-friends Templeton Fund, gets documentary treatment on Bloomberg TV.

Steven Novella calls the TV joining of Dr. Oz, Dr. Daniel Amen, and fake-psychic Theresa Caputo "a trifecta of pseudoscience."

Kimberly Winston interviews Aaron Adair about his new book questioning the veracity of the Star of Bethlehem story.

Hemant gives an update on that money he keeps trying to donate and keeps getting rejected. 

Assailants in Zimbabwe beat an 81-year-old man to death with logs because they thought he practiced witchcraft. 

Marks & Spencer walks back statements about religious accommodation amid the confusion over whether Muslim employees could refuse to sell pork or alcohol. 

Seth Kurtenbach tells you how to use your brain. I tried it, and just hurt myself.

Rabbi Ben Hecht says that in order to be true to his own faith, he is (and others are) obliged to defend the rights of those who do not believe

Jeffrey Lord at The American Spectator jumps the shark in hating atheists, calling us "Christophobes" (because we're scared of Jesus or something) and claiming we do have a God of our own:

What replaced the crèche and the cross, and in fact is everywhere according to atheists, is The God of No God. Nothing. Or something… liberalism, the Democrats, being gay, abortion, having money, computers, the Internet, pornography, television, the environment, animals… the list is endless. 

Quote of the Day

NYT editorial board says the judge who ruled in favor of a lawsuit challenging the contraceptive mandate of health care reform blew it:

What Judge Cogan missed, and the justices need to recognize, is the threat to religious liberty comes from employers trying to impose their religious views on workers. 

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