The Silliness Bound Up in Being Human

January 10, 2013

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CFI chief Ron Lindsay is asking for it. As he gets set to meet with the leaders of the other big groups of the skepto-atheosphere, Ron wants to know what you think about how best to address some of the latest controversies and concerns of the movement. I tried to stop him, but he never listens to me. Anyway, read his post and help him out.

CSI's Ben Radford at Yahoo News sounds the alarm on the threat to vaccination workers around the world due to urban legends and xenophobia.   

Meanwhile Faheem Younus at WaPo, a medical doctor and a Muslim, tells of his often-obstructed attempts to bridge religious divides in providing free flu vaccinations:

The ruthless flu virus was not going to screen Americans for their faith before attacking. I gave the flu shots to the worshippers at Bait-ur-Rehman mosque located in Silver Spring, MD. Free of charge. Free of expectation. Free of faith.  

Hemant laments the president's choice of anti-gay pastor Louie Giglio for the inauguration's benediction:

And for what? To appease people who would never vote for him and who don’t even believe he’s a Christian to begin with. 

HuffPo's religion editor Paul Raushenbush on same:

Hopefully as people of all faith and no faith continue to work together to solve the problems of our world we will grow together in understanding and respect. While today I feel anger, I know that for us to have a future as a nation we need to come together across differences, recognizing that the arc of the universe really does bend towards justice.  

Ohio public middle school's giant picture of J-to-the-C will stay up. From WSAZ:

Reaction from those in attendance [at a school board meeting] made it clear which side the majority was on, as those in favor of the picture remaining were applauded. Those in favor of it being removed were booed. 

At the CFI On Campus blog, Julie Mankowski of the George Washington University Secular Society struggles with accepting an invitation to engage with a Dominican friars group at Catholic University.  

Feeling sick? Check with a tongue-reader. (Actually don't.) 

In Pakistan, Ghulam Ali Asghar is sentenced to 10 years in prison and a fine of about $2000US for "blaspheming the Holy Prophet (PBUH) by misquoting a Hadith in Punjabi language." 

Paul Wallace at HuffPo disses Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins for...what? Something about goat herders. 

Church-state-separation powers.....activate! Americans United, New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union, and the ACLU join forces to stop an "education tax credit" that acts as a voucher that funds religious schools in New Hampshire. 

NPR's Science Friday settles in court case against creationist crazytown radio show that stole its name

You can own Bigfoot's grave, complete with helicopter pad. Because you see Bigfoot died in the Mount St. Helens eruption. I dunno. 

Quote of the Day

Larry Shellenberger in the Christian magazine Relevant explores why Christians can have trouble with comedy:

Humor requires the ability to admit weakness and a willingness to laugh at it. A joke is funny because it exposes the silliness bound up in the act of being human. Self-deprecation makes for good comedy, but it’s akin to putting bullets in your opponent’s gun in a culture war. Weaknesses can’t be just hidden from one’s opponents; their very existence must be denied. 

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