Rewards for Failure

February 19, 2013

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Spencer Ackerman at Wired: When asteroids come falling, we're essentially screwed

I want to know what, exactly, the Universe is, but I only have a minute. Oh look! A handy video

Well isn't that convenient: Reuters reports that by remaining in the Vatican after he retires, Ratzinger maintains immunity from any prosecution for his role in the abetting of generations of sexual abuse by clergy. 

Women in Secularism speaker Jamila Bey joins a panel on RT's Crosstalk to diagnose the problems facing the Catholic Church. 

Pasadena police find human bones, probably part of some weird religious ritual, in a woman's back yard.  

What can Twitter tell us what folks are giving up for Lent? Twitter itself is apparently number 1. Number 11 is Lent. Number 100 is "being nice." Oh good.

Visit by Mandisa Thomas of Black Non-Believers to Indiana University is covered by the student paper. 

Florida courthouse will keep its Ten Commandments monument after a lawsuit is dismissed

At NYT, FFRF's Annie Laurie Gaylor says the government should stop recognizing Christmas and replace it with "Family Day" and a general celebration of the Winter Solstice. 

Andrew Stuttaford at National Review would rather battle asteroids than climate change:

We waste a fortune on measures (that will have no impact for decades, if ever) to tamper with the climate. Some of that money would be better spent on asteroid insurance. 

Something unidentified was apparently in the skies above Oregon Friday, the day of the Siberian meteor. 

Research at Georgia State University shows that religion is more often used as an excuse or justification for the crimes of hard-core criminals, rather than serving as a deterrent. 

Hashem Ahelbarra at Al Jazeera sizes up the conflict in Tunisia between Islamists and secularists. 

Megachurch pastor Bishop Eddie Long may have been running a Ponzi scheme

The American University of Rome and the Tony Blair Faith Foundation are putting on a conference in Rome on Religion and Secularism in a Global Age on March 1.

I'm sure you've seen this already, but I feel obliged to at least share the link for Djesus Uncrossed

Marco Rubio apparently glorifies God by being a Senator.  

Quote of the Day

John Plender at Financial Times wants popes to be accountable while they still breathe:

The Church exemplifies some of the oldest bad governance syndromes. Popes fall neatly into the category of what in business is known as the over-dominant chief executive. They are subject to no real oversight or accountability, at least in this world. And the Church has its own version of rewards for failure. Where in corporate life these are about excessive pay for failed executives, in the Church they have been about protecting those who showed too much tolerance of child abuse.    

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