Geese, Beer, and Pterosaurs

February 7, 2013

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President Obama has just wrapped up his speech to the National Prayer Breakfast, and the fact of his participation never gets less disappointing. I didn't see it, but I'm sure we'll be hearing about it. (I just saw on Twitter that in the speech Obama announced the coming departure of Faith-Based Initiatives chief Josh DuBois.) 

Tunisian opposition leader, critic of the Islamist government, Chokri Belaid is assassinated.

Man who tried to shoot up the Family Research Council, wounding security guard Leo Johnson, pleads guilty to terrorism.

Rob Boston at AU: Church-state separation applies to all churches, even the semi-secular UUs

NYT on how Thomas Nagel, atheist philosopher, holds, to some, "dangerous sympathy for intelligent design."  

The consternation within the Boy Scouts of America over admitting gays is not just about principle, but about the potential loss of funding from religious organizations. 

April 7, AC Grayling will be with CFI-DC for a presentation and fundraising event.

This is not a skepto-atheist thing, but it's awesome: Window-washers dress as superheroes outside children's hospital. 

Poster asks "Why do you love the devil?" and does so with many, many apostrophes. 

University of Dayton, a Catholic university which is okay with clubs for Muslims, clubs that distribute condoms, and Harry Potter, is still drawing the line at atheist clubs. 

Muslims, in case you didn't know, also believe in an apocalypse, and it also features an ass-kicking Jesus. 

Herb Silverman pines for a recognition of Darwin Day. 

Megan Phelps leaves the Westboro Baptist Church thanks to, can you believe it, conversations. Writes Rebecca Watson:

The story supports the idea that I (and many other skeptics) have long stressed: the key to winning someone over isn’t to do it all in one argument but to plant a seed of doubt that eventually grows. 

Noisy Evangelists get their God on outside a Sonoma County, CA courthouse, and most folks don't know what to do with them. 

Greg Laden works on his crosswalk button voodoo.

Fraud psychic Sylvia Mitchell "busted" (in the NY Post's words) for swindling a client out of $120,000. 

Lutheran pastor Rob Morris gets in trouble with his church for participating in an inter-faith vigil for Sandy Hook with, gasp, members of other religions. 

Seriously, someone thought these geese were UFOs. 

Daniel Loxton posts online part one of his Why is There a Skeptical Movement? (PDF)

Look out! Scientists discover new Transylvanian pterosaur species

Embryonic stem cells, printed to order

Jesus appears on a case of beer

Quote of the Day

Alison Forns on Twitter:

Arkansas to allow concealed guns in churches. To keep feelings & sexual desires company.    

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