The Right to Stay Away

March 6, 2013

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Must-see: The HuffPost Live panel on fundamentalism in the military with Jim Parco, author of the CFI report on this issue, as well as Blake Page and Mikey Weinstein. 

Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird, does not see things the way we do:

We don't see agnosticism or atheism as being in need of defense in the same way persecuted religious minorities are. We speak of the right to worship and practice in peace, not the right to stay away from places of worship. 

The NYT comes down against FEMA grants to houses of worship on church-state separation grounds:

The First Amendment does not allow a Hurricane Sandy exception to pay for the rebuilding of damaged houses of worship. The Senate should let the bill die. 

CFI opposed the same when it was to be voted on in the House.  

Yes, there is a new episode of The Human Bible, which is awesome (and scary!) enough, but dig this: YOU CAN GET HUMAN BIBLE T-SHIRTS. <thundercrash!!!> 

Global warming will be part of the national science curriculum standards

NYT/CBS poll shows that US Catholics may not be down with "Catholicism." 

Richard Dawkins. Ned Flanders. Uh-oh

CFI-Indiana will celebrate its sixth anniversary at its current home on March 10 with an event that will include "anniversary cake and ice cream." Oh yes. But seriously, CFI-Indy is awesome and deserves huge applause for their work.

Speaking of which, CFI-Indiana chief Reba Boyd Wooden writes in to the Indianapolis Star to opine against the state legislature as it is "waging a war against public education and women" with its bill to force ultrasounds on women seeking pregnancy-ending medication. 

Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed at Arab News warns that Syria's Bashar Assad is trying to convince the West that he is an enlightened secularist. 

Atheists in my state of Maine freeze their butts off to raise money for Camp Sunshine. 

Historian Bud Phillips spins yarns of Bigfoot attacks in Virginia

Carson Griffiths at Cosmo: It's cool to consult a psychic on a regular basis, but don't get addicted

Reports of a "drone" in NYC. Really? 

Wired has some behind-the-scenes info on the making of a fake UFO video

Turns out there is a lot of biodiversity around Loch Ness, and new species are being discovered. Not that one. 

Michael Zimmerman of the Clergy Letter Project watches the rhetorical convulsions of the anti-evolution/pro-evolution head of the Texas school board.

Ben Radford posts an interview with Noah Nez, "The Native Skeptic" at the CFI blog. 

Quote of the Day 

CFI and the IHEU battle the modern slavery crisis at the UN. Elizabeth O'Casey, CFI's Geneva representative, addresses the Human Rights Council:

His Excellency the Mauritanian ambassador stated two years ago that, following the passage of the 2007 anti-slavery act, slavery no longer exists in Mauritania and we are dealing with a post-slavery situation. Perhaps the representatives of that country can explain, in the almost total absence of the political will to enforce those laws, how the slaves can tell the difference. 

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