Scriptural Basis for Self-Serving Gutlessness

April 18, 2013

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This morning we announced that atheist groups around the world, led by CFI, the International Humanist and Ethical Union, American Atheists, and CFI-Canada, will take part in protests against the persecution of atheists and other dissenters in Bangladesh. Right now there are planned protests in New York, DC, London, Ottawa, and Calgary. We need the freethought community to get behind this in force, to coordinate additional demonstrations in more cities in more countries. Here's where information will be kept up to date on any related events, and when tweeting about this, include the hashtag #DefendDissent.

Bangladesh's own BDNews24 reports on CFI's call to the State Department to put pressure on the Bangladeshi government. 

Skeptic podcaster Brian Dunning pleads guilty to wire fraud

The Saudi religious police evict some guys from a festival for being "too handsome" and irresistible to women, and Terry Sanderson tells us why that's actually not funny.

Charges levied against extremists in India who chopped off a professor's hands because of alleged blasphemy. 

John Shook distinguishes between the "nones" and the "post-Christians" surveyed in a recent Barna Group study. 

17-year-old Jehovah's Witness in Sydney refuses necessary blood transfusion, and a court orders it for him.

Sharon Hill wonders if conspiracy theorists around events like Sandy Hook and Boston have reached their peak.

Atheists will NOT be part of the interfaith service for Boston. Alternate services to include them are being planned.

In case you thought otherwise, Stephen Hawking says, no, there was no need for a God to start the Universe

Molly Peterson, for Southern California Public Radio, looks at atheism and environmentalism, and how "a sense of entitlement stemming from faith in God is a harmful force." 

Scientists at CERN and Fermilab are too good at humor, as April Fool's jokes about giving away free Higgs bosons and appointing Dr. Who as director trick some poor schlubs.

Jesus the shape-shifter and bodies rising from their graves in Episode 26 of The Human Bible <thundercrash!!!>  

Michael Skapinker at Financial Times wants more action against alt-med:

Scientists need to campaign relentlessly against those who seek to deny scientifically validated treatments, particularly to children. And the UK government should end the public provision of homeopathy. Many believe in it, but many believe in astrology. Governments have no business subsidising either. 

Rebecca Watson at says not to get too excited about bras in the news

You've been waiting for this one: A new book on the history of Christian rock

Boys playing in the woods in Massachusetts find a decomposed foot in the woods - Bear? Human? Bigfoot?  

Jann Bellamy on what she calls the "Quack Full Employment Act":

If the “Colorado Natural Health Consumer Protection Act” passes, Colorado will become one of a handful of states where anyone can practice medicine. 

Tech megasite The Verge introduces a new section "to get you really damn excited about science." 

Quote of the Day  

Sarah Posner has no patience for politicians who use the Bible to justify their stances on policy, particularly yesterday's defeat of background checks. She singles out Arkasas Democrat Mark Pryor:

Just in case I've never made this clear before, legislation shouldn't be based on the Bible. But if you're going to co-chair the National Prayer Breakfast, and give a big speech about how pious and wonderful you and your praying Congressional colleagues are, you can't also run around acting like a bought and paid for coward without people reaching for their Bibles to search for where you might have found the scriptural basis for your self-serving gutlessness. 

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