Not the Overwhelming Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Phenomenon That You Thought it Was

May 24, 2013

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Kimberly Winston gets some atheists' reactions to the pope's suddenly not condemning we godless to the fires of Hell. 

However! A Vatican spokesman puts the whole "infallible pope" thing into question by saying, no, atheists are going to Hell

(But you know what the Church is okay with for real? Eating alligators.) 

Now you can help out Rebecca Vitsmun by buying up "Actually I'm an atheist" t-shirts.

Glenn Beck is a Blitzer-Vitsmun-Oklahoma-atheism truther!!! Thanks, Obama! 

Lawrence O'Donnell notes the good news and feelings for we nonbelievers in the places you'd totally expect: the Catholic Church and Arizona.  

Boy Scouts of America end the ban on gay scouts. Adult staff and volunteers are another matter. Oh, and atheists are still a no-go.  

Islamist students in Afghanistan think the government is being waaaay too liberal on women's rights by, you know, acknowledging that they might have some. 

Hey, you cynical journalists, it's not "stealing" $238,000 when the psychics are just trying to banish evil spirits!  

And come to think of it, so much money is psychically dirty. Stop picking on gifted psychics who simply want to cleanse clients of its evil. 

Daniel Dennett tells the Guardian that free will is "not the overwhelming supercalifragilisticexpialidocious phenomenon that you thought it was." 

Parti Quebecois' "Charter of Secularism" becomes a "charter of Quebec values" as some touchy religious accommodation topics get kicked down the road. 

Atheists are banging their heads against the wall over the imminent signing of Texas's "Merry Christmas" bill

Three Londoners are convicted of attempting a terrorist plot. One of them, Richard Dart, said in the courtroom, "I don't wish to stand up, I believe ruling and judging is only for Allah." 

A faith-healing church in Philadelphia looks to be responsible for as many as 24 children's deaths

Time to get your masters of science in things that aren't science.

Quote of the Day 

Carrie Poppy tries to make sense of an oxygen bar. The attendant explains what will happen:

[The oxygen dispensers] will deliver us pure oxygen—double the amount we usually get in the air! It helps cure hangovers. (“Hangs-over,” I pretend to correct him, for no reason at all. He looks at me the way I should be looked at.) It ends fatigue. It helps with muscle pain and weakness. It curbs jet lag. It dissolves headaches. The headaches bit is pretty exciting for me. I have been getting chronic headaches for almost a year, and some of them become crippling migraines. I would suck on a garden hose for twenty minutes a day if it made those go away. 
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