Jesus is Nuclear Glue

June 10, 2013

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Shafiq at the Islamic Society at Leeds University Union says animosity towards Islam "will continue to be justified" until moderates deal with the fact that "we're over-represented in the crazy department."  

France bans a rally by a right-wing group that was to celebrate the victory of a Christian army in the year 721 over Muslims in Toulouse.

Ben Radford looks askance at one woman's experiment with living only on sunlight and water:

The claimed ability to survive without food (and sometimes without water as well) is called inedia, and those who attempt it are called “inediates” (among other things).  

(Oh snap I see what he did there!!!) 

Though technically in good standing in the LDS Church, black Mormons still suffer prejudice within their own ranks, hearing things like “black skin is cursed” and “when you become more righteous, your skin will grow lighter.” 

15-year-old Syrian boy Mohammad Qataa is shot in the face, in front of his parents, by Islamists for allegedly expressing nonbelief. 

Roanoke, VA board of supervisors candidate Al Bedrosian entrenches himself in the dark ages:

Freedom of religion has become the biggest hoax placed upon the Christian people and on our Christian nation. When reading the writings of our Founding Founders, there was never any reference to freedom of religion referring to a choice between Islam, Hindu, Satanism, Wicca and whatever other religions or cults you would like to dream up. It was very clear that freedom to worship meant the freedom to worship the God of the Bible in the way you wanted, and not to have a government church denomination dictate how you would worship. 

Rep. Tim Wahlberg introduces a bill to declare congressional support for prayer at school board meetings, because that's totally worth Congress's time. AHA does an action alert.

Atheist philanthropist and activist Todd Stiefel is interviewed on The Young Turks.


I have to wonder if the New York Times is maybe misallocating its reportage resources: Here's another piece on woo for rich people in their expensive homes, and this time it's "cleaners" who hoover up bad vibes and "stuck energy." 

Brazilian atheists confront huge hurdles toward acceptance - only 13% would elect an atheist president, and many face death threats. 

Rached Ghannouchi, president of Tunisia's largest party, comes down against blasphemy laws.

Steven Salzberg at Forbes wonders what the hell the National Academies is doing publishing a commercial, dressed up like academic research, for eHarmony

Look at this! An Ingersoll-obsessed website that had NO INPUT from Tom Flynn! 

If your kid is psychic, sees dead people, whatever, drop down $99 to get him or her into this Arizona workshop

Mayor of Vero Beach, Florida says you can't celebrate a Humanist week, because humanists don't believe in Jesus. Duh! 

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield says American Atheists' monument is an example of a "more mature approach to how we use public space."

National Catholic Register reviews the book How the West Really Lost God by Mary Eberstadt, which cites Ron Lindsay and the Council for Secular Humanism.

Guerrilla Skeptics on Wikipedia celebrates its second anniversary. Congrats! 

The journal Science says that a fear of death counterintuitively makes folks believe more in, well, science!

Bryan Fischer says Jesus Christ is nuclear glue

The rights of women in Afghanistan's parliament are in danger. From male members of parliament. 

Clergy in New York State are pounding their lecterns over Gov. Cuomo's "women's rights" legislative package.

Bangladeshis once again have access to cat videos

Premiering on HBO tonight, a documentary on the plight of blasphemous (and incarcerated) band Pussy Riot. WaPo reviews

Protect yourself from brain cancer with this magic iPhone case.  

Head of the Russian Orthodox Church to monks: Don't use the Internet. It has dirty things on it.

Jim Gaffigan is one of my favorite comedians. Is he also, like, selling Catholicism? (He calls his wife a "Shiite Catholic.") 

You know who the GOP really needs to start doing some sincere outreach to? Evangelicals. Wait, what? 

Richard Dawkins gets kinetically texted

There's only one rule I know of, babies. 

Atheist author Iain Banks dies at 59

Quote of the Day 

I stumbled on this gem from Ben Bernanke's Princeton commencement address:

This is indeed an impressive and appropriate setting for a commencement. I am sure that, from this lectern, any number of distinguished spiritual leaders have ruminated on the lessons of the Ten Commandments. I don't have that kind of confidence, and, anyway, coveting your neighbor's ox or donkey is not the problem it used to be.

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