No, YOU Stick Needles in That Tiger.

June 11, 2013

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Sam Harris warns of the dangers inherent in "ecstatic" religion, an understanding culled from his own experiences, and how Muslims' deep belief in the "truth" of their faith is widely underestimated: "The notion that no one believes in Paradise is far crazier than a belief in Paradise."

The administration is allowing Plan B to be available over the counter for women of any age. 

Want to be more inclusive of women with your evil, godless, War-on-Christmas group? CFI's Sarah Kaiser has some tips

CSA Chief Edwina Rogers scores a place on the panel of the Melissa Harris-Perry show

Our Point of Inquiry weekly wrap-up has some choice quotes from Stephan Leandowsky, or that's what he WANTS you to believe:

[O]ne of the characteristics of conspiratorial thinking is that it is self-sealing. That's what we call it. And that means that any evidence to the contrary, any evidence against the conspiracy is interpreted to be an actual fact evidenced FOR the conspiracy. So basically what happens is that the circle of conspirators is broadened whenever there is evidence to the contrary. 

Cody Hashman highlights a Music Monday song that is "an ode to the forgotten and/or nameless warriors out there who fight oppression and religious fanaticism simply because it is the right thing to do." 

Who's that grinning while sitting by a fountain in the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier talking about being a young atheist? Why it's former CFI intern Stef McGraw! Hi Stef! 

Tom Krattenmaker at RNS reports that many Evangelicals are putting aside their differences over things like prayer in school, and working to make public schools better places for all kids -- with no proselytizing!

Witchcraft accusations are rampant in Papua New Guinea, with allegations fueled not just by absurd beliefs, but by envy and hate. 

Are you in anywhere near the CFI mothership-fortress-of-science-and-awesome in Amherst, NY? All next week there's a ton of cool stuff going on there

Ailing Sumatran tiger in a Tel-Aviv zoo gets acupuncture. No, you stick him with the needles. No, YOU.

Egyptian author in Germany, Hamed Abdel-Samad, asks his home country to do something about the Islamists who want him dead

Elizabeth May of Canada's Green Party is challenged on Twitter over whether her party supports public funding for homeopathy. She says no, website says yes. 

Steven Greydanus at the National Catholic Register explains why pagan gods and Russell's Teapot are not blasphemous, but the Flying Spaghetti Monster is

AHA says Massachusetts will offer secular addiction recovery options for folks facing disciplinary action. 

Don't cross the streams in Johnstown, PA, where they're looking for some Bigfeet: "People like [investigator Stan] Gordon are typically brought in by police – Ghostbusters style – to employ expertise that the cops just don’t have." (h/t Rob Boston)

Francis says he never really wanted to be pope. Meanwhile Ratzinger isn't doing so well

So you're hanging out on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, la-de-da-de-da isn't this nice, and then HOLY CRAP WHAT IS THAT MONSTER WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE. 

Quote of the Day 

David Colquhoun on the lure of alt-med:

Barely more than two or three generations of medical scientists have existed. We are doing our best, but research is slow and painful, and a huge amount of basic slogging will be needed before we can solve the serious problems that remain. If your problem can't be solved, then it's human nature to clutch at straws. And there is no shortage of people willing to cash in on your desperation. If you have cancer, the quacks will close in on you like vultures, eager to sell you false hope at a high price. They will promise the earth, but if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. 

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