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June 13, 2013

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Paul is off testing his skepticism by driving through a Derecho. He'll return on the 20th (at least that's the plan). Until then, the Guest Heretics are Ed Beck and Lauren Becker. Now, on to the news!

Think of the children! A lot of today's news relates to young people in some encouraging and also disturbing ways.

In Philadelphia, a faith-healing couple accused of murder must stand trial for the death of their infant son. 

Relatedly, what should we do with parents who deny vaccines to their children? What if they're a Kennedy?

Over at Respectful Insolence, Orac begs for his own phone call from Mr. Kennedy. 

A Florida school district is trying to protect their children - from The Truth. Bible? Yes. Ingersoll? No. Harris, Warraq, Hitchens, Dawkins, O'Hare? No. This is going to be fun.

But what if the children are the threat? In a shocking turn of events* the Southern Baptists have voted to throw their support behind churches that cut ties with the Boy Scouts. Yep, because we can handle whatever the forest can throw at us, but little boys are dangerous.

After all, just remember how dangerous this little boy grew up to be. (We're blaming Erasmus.)

Don't worry - the kids will be fine - especially if we can start 'em young - and insert prayers into their preschool graduation ceremony

And if that doesn't work, well, there is much to learn from young atheists. Perhaps not unexpectedly, however, Christians are learning the wrong things from atheists.

Actually, a lot of people are learning the wrongs things from atheists. Perhaps we need to work on our communication skills and do a better job of improving reading comprehension.  

Here's a little freethinker clearly learning lots of good things.**  

In other news, in a great win for people who actually want to feel better, the NHS has told the Royal London Hospital to stop misleading patients and telling people that alt-med practices work. 

House Republicans passed an amendment aimed squarely at maintaining conservative Christian privilege within the armed forces.

Wahhabists in southern Saudi Arabia thoroughly smashed a number of horse sculptures, because sin. Obviously.

Another week, another Egyptian sentenced for the "crime" of insulting religion. This time, the accused penned a collection of short stories titled Where Is God?

Russia's lower parliament passed a vicious anti-gay bill 436 to 0. Then, as an encore, they passed another to criminalize "offending religious feelings" 308 to 2.

Likewise, The Atlantic asks the question, "Why is Russia so homophobic?" It’s not just religion.

In a bit of parliamentary solace, Rep. Jerry McNerney (D-CA) cheered the solving of the 140-year old Boltzmann Equation. Yes, this happened on the House floor. Really.   

* And by "shocking" I mean "not shocking."  

** Want a "FreeThinker" sticker for your little freethinker? Email your address to lbecker [at] centerforinquiry [dot ] net. 

Quote of the Day 

As for that teacher who felt the need to include a prayer in her mock preschool graduation ceremony?

"She said it was legal, freedom of speech. Not religion but her way of life. She said she could not allow herself to apologize."

Yep, she was just trying to give the kids a realistic graduation experience. We have a lot of work to do, peoples.

* * *  

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