The Nativity of Yeezus

June 18, 2013

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Paul is still off exploring the Windy City, he's set to return on the 20th. Maybe we'll even let him have is blog back! Until then, your Guest Heretics remain CFI's Director of Marketing Lauren Becker and Senior Policy Analyst Ed Beck. Now, by the grace of Yeezus, the news:

In honor of Yeezus' arrival, a handy timeline of blasphemy in popular music.

Kenan Malik examines pluralism, offense, and freedom: You can't have one without the others:

To defend the right to give offence, in other words, is not merely to defend free speech. It is also to defend diversity in its true sense. If we want the pleasures of pluralism, we have to accept the pain of being offended.

Never get lost on a road trip again with this fascinating 3D map of the entire known universe.

A New Hampshire court struck down yet another Rube Goldberg school "neo-voucher" machine that aimed to divert public tax dollars to sectarian religious schools.

If it quacks: Paul Offit calls out various "alternative healing" methods for the waddling absurdities they are.

One he missed: Dolphin therapy.

William Deresiewicz goes looking for sacred language among the secular.

William Lane Craig thinks the atheist "hotline" is crazy, will call us never.

God's losing record against "anti-god" vaccinations continues.

At that delicious confluence of CFI's uniquely varying missions, more Britons believe in aliens than a god (and the EU is controlled by Satan, of course).

Metal, the Devil, and religious goon squads in Saudi Arabia.

Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation call Rep. Tim Huelskamp's (R-KS) bluff.

There's a baby makin' war on. Are you doing your part? Service guarantees citizenship!

At the IHEU, Adam Lee de-terrifies the New Atheists for Rabbi Sacks.

I'm not sure about Megaman and superchurches, but Superman is coming to megachurches.

Yes, you too can smell like a sweaty Catholic football player.

Barbra Streisand heads to Israel, doesn't like the fundamentalist-driven gender segregation she sees.

Quote of the Day 

In India, where Bollywood actress Kavitta Verma has been forced to apologize for a "blasphemous" pose with a rosary, the general secretary of the Christian Secular Forum has struck an charming balance between his faith and society:

Explaining the strong stance on the issue, Dias said that Christians are commanded by their faith to forgive, but "that does not mean blasphemy of any kind will be tolerated."

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