I’m Suffering from a Depleted Heliosheath

June 28, 2013

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What would happen if "The Secret" really worked? Kyle Hill lays it out in the latest "Reductio Ad Absurdum" column at CSICOP.org: 

Birthdays would be decidedly more boring. When anyone can simply think themselves a present, you would really have to 'keep Christ in Christmas,' because there wouldn’t be much else.

Marc Crislip concludes from some recent blah-blah about homeopathy and quantum something-something that homeopathy must be the biggest scam in all of scamhood. 

Speaking of which, homeopaths fight their loss of public funding in the UK. Sharon Hill seeks further insight

10th Circuit Court of Appeals thinks Hobby Lobby's complaints about contraceptive coverage and religious liberty might have some merit

The EU Foreign Affairs Council adopts guidelines on religious liberty, including:

All persons have the right to manifest their religion or belief either individually or in community with others and in public or private in worship, observance, practice and teaching, without fear of intimidation, discrimination, violence or attack. Persons who change or leave their religion or belief, as well as persons holding non-theistic or atheistic beliefs should be equally protected, as well as people who do not profess any religion or belief. 

Who is Harrison Hopkins? No, he's not a character from a Dickens novel! He's one of our excellent CFI outreach interns, and in a recent email, he explains how donations help young leaders like him get more deeply involved with the movement. 

Vatican official Monsignor Nunzio Scarano is arrested by Italian police for illegally moving bazillions in cash on a freaking jet. 

NYT asks, "Should atheists pray?" and several folks weigh in, including Hemant Mehta and Deepak "Word Salad" Chopra.

Apparently, Twitter reveals that Christians are happier than atheists (and thank goodness we know that!). Which I get, because pretty much everything I see on Twitter makes me mad. 

Dale McGowan on Joe Klein's cheap shot:

Though never absent, atheists and secular humanists are often invisible. Their bodies and skills are easy to see, but their convictions—that this is our one and only life, that its loss is something to fight hard against, that we have no one but each other to rely on when bad things happen—often go unnoticed. Prayers and songs and religious group names announce themselves. Quiet conviction often goes unseen—especially to someone who’s not trying very hard to see it. 

Myanmar monks mad about Muslim mobiles

AP says Egyptians are increasingly sick of the mixing of politics and religion. 

Voyager 1 is still maybe-possibly-who-can-say-almost-for-all-intents-and-purposes out of the Solar System. Mostly. But it's not clear. However, it is still giving scientists fresh information about the "heliosheath depletion region," which I once had to see a doctor about.

FFRF becomes SSA's legal light saber.

LDS founder Joseph Smith will be posthumously mock-retried for treason and attempted assassination. 

Times are tough for a fake museum about things that never actually happened.  

Clearly you can see that this large, ovular, lumpy rock is a fossilized Bigfoot head

Perhaps the Minnesota Iceman can be thawed and then confirm the fossil's validity. 

Lake-based Lizardman "Prestwood Pete" rears his alleged head in South Carolina. 

New band name idea: "The Vitamin Drips." 

Quote of the Day 

George Takei takes to the Washington Post to opine on the big SCOTUS decisions, and the slow defeat of the "ick factor":

To help justify the “ick,” many . . . turn to the Bible, perhaps because science doesn’t lead to the conclusion that homosexuality is unnatural. As one popular saying goes, homosexuality is found in more than 400 species, but homophobia in only one. But references to the Bible or other religious texts are not a solid footing on which to base notions of traditional marriage. Concerns about the separation of church and state aside, traditional marriage has never been what its homophobic proponents believe. As author Ken O’Neill reminds us, the fact that you can’t sell your daughter for three goats and a cow means we’ve already redefined marriage.

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