Creation Was an Inside Job

June 6, 2013

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Jaweed Kaleem at HuffPo: The FBI will now formally be tracking hate crimes against a bevy of minority religious groups, including Sikhs, Hindus, and yes, atheists. 

Make way for the chairman of the board! No, not Frank, but CFI's chair Eddie Tabash giving his address on the future of atheism to Atheists United in April.

The ACLU tries to put the brakes on the merger of secular hospitals with Catholic ones

Lincoln Mullen at the blog Religion in American History reviews what exists of scholarship on the history of American atheism, and wants more. (h/t vorjack)

Toothpaste for Dinner knows that creation was an inside job

I have no idea who Macklemore is, but he's apparently some form of musical celebrity, and good for him, because he's joining AU's Voices United

The New York Times, I imagine catering to its readership with vast disposable income, reviews a collection of magic talismans on which you can waste your money

Heavenly Father, please bestoweth Your humble servant with a successful Holy Kickstarter campaign to bring much needed funding to this Noah's Ark theme park. Amen.

Chris Rodda remembers how the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg stood up to Christianism and David Barton. 

Jay Cassano at The Nation argues that the protests in Turkey are less like a Reason Rally, and more like an Occupy event.

Turkey's Prime Minister, meanwhile, tries to direct public ire away from the government, and instead at Twitter

Bill Nye (a headliner for the upcoming CFI Summit) answers the age-old, existential question: How does Superman shave

Our own Chris Mooney at Mother Jones: You might reject the reality of climate change with that tinfoil hat obstructing your brain.

Nigerian singer Rabi'u aka Taka Lafiya arrested for releasing a "blasphemous" song

Ira Glass, an atheist, tells Christian Jim Henderson "how it happened," and also says Christians are "horribly covered by the media."

Signed your wee ones up for Camp Inquiry yet? NO?!?!? Hurry

Prepare to have your mind blown, but yes, conservative Republicans in Congress were mocking the idea of nonreligious military chaplains.

Quote of the Day 

Starshine Roshell (I assume that's a real name) at the Santa Barbara Independent on the Vatican's walking-back of the pope's atheists-can-go-to-Heaven sentiments:

The Lord giveth, and the Lord retracteth for damage control.  

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