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July 11, 2013

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UN: Knock-knock.

Vatican: Who's there?

United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child.

"United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child" who?

United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child demands details of thousands of pedophilia cases involving Catholic clergy since 1995.


However, the Holy See can take solace that atheist Stephen Marche of Esquire thinks Pope Francis is "kind of awesome." 

The pope himself, though, thinks this statue is un-awesome (I agree).

Oh, and he's also decreeing harsher laws concerning child abuse at the Vatican. 

Meanwhile, the UN Secretary General is wagging his finger at Myanmar for its religious violence.

Spanish outlet El Correo picks up our Google vs. the Earth story.  

Just think, Google is helping to fund people who think this way

Center for American Progress offers up "three facts" about religion and violence, but I'd be wary of calling them facts. For example: "Religion is . . . rarely the sole motivator for action." How rare is "rarely"? 

A new study suggests god-belief may help with cognitive therapy. Oh great then I am SCREWED. 

Wait, wait, wait. I thought we were all smug and certain that artificial sweeteners were just fine. Now not so? Gluten, however, still seems okay.

North Carolina's legislature, not content to attach anti-abortion amendments to anti-Sharia bills, now sticks them into motorcycle safety bills.

In Catholic Chile, an 11-year-old rape victim is unable to get an abortion.   

According to NCSE, Turkey is denying funding to a summer workshop on religion because:

. . . evolution is both nationally and universally a controversial subject. … It is difficult to regard it as an activity on which a consensus can be reached. 

Our own Joe Nickell talks skepticism and investigation on the podcast Malcontent's Gambit

The U.S. and many Middle East countries have one interesting thing in common: Weird laws about alcohol

Can you write or cast spells? Don't waste your time becoming a 20th-level mage in Dungeons & Dragons, start a lucrative web business! PayPal for a Magic Missile!

Another day, another Ten Commandements monument at a courthouse is sticking around. 

Quora has a thread asking why pseudoscience is so popular

According to Pew, the Czech Republic and North Korea have a whooole lotta "nones" (but I don't think North Korea counts, really, since they think their head of state is a god). 

Quote of the Day 

Darren Naish at SciAm takes a deep look at history's famous Nessie photos and puts a cap on the whole sorry business:

[T]he images you’ve seen here are the ‘classics’, the ‘best of the best’ and . . . all are unsatisfactory or problematic or definitely hoaxed. So that’s that! We move on.

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