“Safety Dance” on a Pan Flute

September 16, 2015

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A court in Albuquerque requires a divorced mom to attend classes riddled with Christianity, and when she refuses, she is barred from seeing her own kids. The "educator" insisted the classes were not religious, but an undercover report shows very much otherwise. I think we have a problem here.

I'm quoted in a Washington Post piece by Michelle Boorstein on the popularity of Pope Fluffy among non-Catholics, not representing CFI, but sharing my pope-hope that he's playing a progressive long game.

CFI-DC's Simon Davis scores a piece in The Atlantic (wow!) on the mysterious "Plague of Athens" in 430 BCE. (It might have been Ebola.) 

Tom Chivers at BuzzFeed talks to atheists residing in places hostile to nonbelief, including Kacem El Ghazzali, who we spoke to in 2013.

Regardless of whether she has the Eye of the Tiger, most Americans say Kim Davis should have just done her job

What the heck is “TJIPETIR”? How do you even pronounce it? For over a century, blocks with that mysterious word engraved on them washed ashore in Northern Europe, often believed to have come from the Titanic. At Skeptical InquirerMassimo Polidoro seeks out the real answer

There is a freaking global ocean under the ice crust of Saturn's moon Enceladus. That's crazy.

At the Course of Reason blog, an anonymous author describes their experience in a “cult-like church,” and the triumphant feeling of having escaped. 

David Koepsell warns about our little community engaging in harmful “movement cleansing and doctrinal purges,” to the detriment of achieving shared goals. 

Hemant checks up on the troubled We Are Atheism group, and sees pieces being picked up, but a lot of unanswered questions. 

Danny Wicentowski at the Riverfront Times in St. Louis hangs at an atheist conference, meets some Satanists, has a lovely time. 

The problem with Catholic hospitals, part 7 billion:

A Catholic hospital in Michigan is refusing to provide a tubal ligation to a woman suffering from a brain tumor who has been advised not to have any more children in the latest skirmish in an increasingly contentious battle pitting claims of religious liberty against accepted standards of care for women. ... Mann, who is eight months pregnant, would have to find both a new hospital and a new doctor to have the procedure because her doctor only has admitting privileges at Genesys.

That's not an ISIS flag, and those aren't refugees. FYI.

Absurd sitcom idea: Law-dodging marijuana farmers team up with wacky, bumbling Bigfoot hunters, and...oh wait.

Quote of the Day:

A receipt from a pizza joint tells of wonders:

We reside within the labyrinthine basement of the hospital beneath the women's building. The stork upon the ceiling should leave you safely to our location. If you take a wrong turn you may run into the Minotaur that stalks the halls. But do not fret. The beast has a weakness to fire. It may also be lulled to sleep if one were to play “Safety Dance” on a pan flute crafted from the finest oak. Good luck, traveler. 

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#1 Randy on Wednesday September 16, 2015 at 9:03am

“That’s not an ISIS flag”.  It’s not even an “Isis” flag as the Independent wants to put it, even though it wasn’t in Ancient Egypt.  The name of the group is simply “Islamic State”, and has been for over a year.  I know people really don’t want to use that name.  But that is the name.

#2 Randy on Wednesday September 16, 2015 at 9:14am

It’s probably worth adding that the reason the tubal ligation is urgent is because since the child is being delivered by cesarian, the tubal ligation would occur at that time, without requiring a second surgery and all the risk and overhead that entails.

Nevertheless, there are several other effective ways of ensuring a woman does not become pregnant (including her male partner(s) getting a vasectomy).

No religion should be running any business open to the public, least of all a hospital, but this case doesn’t really move me.

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