Only God Can Judge Carlos Danger

September 5, 2013

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So you all know about how Bill Nye will be at the CFI Summit next month. Oh, I guess he's doing this TV show too where he dances or something. 

Massachusetts' supreme court heard arguments yesterday in a case concerning the Pledge of Allegiance's bit about being beneath Yahweh. SCA president David Niose argued for the plaintiffs, and CFI contributed an amicus brief

To help you get more involved with our work at the Office of Public Policy, CFI has just launched a bill tracking page, keeping an eye on legislation in the House and Senate relating to issues such as science, religion, and freedom of expression.

Oakland, CA man shoots and kills his friend over an argument over God's existence. 

Admit it, Florida needs a healthy dose of reason. Thank goodness CFI Chair Eddie Tabash is coming to knock some sense into the place. 

Speaking of Florida, a city seal is on the hit list of the local Americans United chapter for promoting Christianity. 

Christianity fights perhaps its most crucial internal battle: How shall ye wear thy facial hair? 

Malaysia bans "blasphemous" metal band Lamb of God. 

At the CFI On Campus blog, Jeffrey Elliott deals with death as an atheist:

Where did I find comfort in the face of this loss? Philosophy.  The study of ethics is an oft-neglected area of inquiry for atheists.  Sure, there is a lot of talk about morals, law, justice, and equality in our movement, but questions of how the individual should live life and face death, are seldom considered.  I sometimes think that the obsession with political causes and the welfare of faceless others is how atheists avoid dealing with these fundamental ethical questions.  

Catholics for Choice posts audio of a panel discussion held last month for the Coalition for Liberty & Justice, of which CFI is a member, on the struggle to defend religious liberty. 

Joe Nickell picks up a bottle of "compound oxygen," some vaporous snake oil from the 19th century. "Undaunted, the quacks continued to decry the 'frauds and imitations' of others who sold similar products." 

Michael Schulson is unimpressed by Apple-religion comparisons, writing, "Is the effect of a MacBook at all comparable to the effect of a good Mass? Honestly, I have no idea." I do! The answer is YES.  

Vatican envoy in the Dominican Republic is removed amid, of course, allegations of sexual assault of children

A UFO in Phoenix is just a High Altitude Student Platform balloon. MADE BY ALIENS. Kidding.  

Chris Selley disagrees with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal that declared atheism a protected "creed." 

A mystery creature in Peru has built a silken Isengard/Eiffel Tower thing

70% of Coloradans say global warming is real

Martha Gill gags at the idea of atheists getting "cuddly" or "spiritual," writing, "If religion's the opiate of the masses, the new atheists want a hit. They’d just rather take it cut with baby powder."

Don't interrupt that guy praying weirdly on the street corner. 

Quote of the Day

Hey look! I found a way to get Anthony Weiner into the Heresy! Take it away, Mr. Danger:

Where do you get the morality to judge me? Do you know who judges me? Not you. You don’t get to judge me because you have shown no sign you are superior to me, and you are not my God. 

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